By: Aboriginal Link  09-12-2011

All of our pre-packaged products include a combination of pre-selected contact points, targeted Direct Communication, Professional Services, and our ‘patented’ responseTRAC™ ‘real-time’ tracking and reporting solution. These products are optimized to fill specific communication requirements and can be integrated into an existing plan to create a comprehensive communication strategy.

The annual diversity recruitment and retention program uses a combination of strategic and tactical campaigns designed to attract Aboriginal job seekers and to build trust and a community presence.

This comprehensive 12 week program is designed to encourage Aboriginal delegates to attend events, conferences, or workshops.

News Wire
Instant delivery of announcements, bulletins, or press releases to one or more of our news-wire feeds including; Aboriginal Leadership, Media, Educators, Healthcare Providers, Law Enforcement Agencies, or Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments.

This fully branded, comprehensive 16 week program encourages Aboriginal Students to submit applications for specific scholarships. Through this process organizations build on-going relationships with applicants while establishing a strong community presence.

For customers whose requirements do not fit into one of our pre-defined program offerings we can combine any of our Direct Communication tools and Professional Services to create a solution to fit your needs.

  Direct Communications 
    •  Facsimile  •  Mail  •  Email  •  Voice  •  Web  •  Tele-Services

  Professional Services 
    •  Strategic Planning  •  Campaign and Metric Development 

    •  Application, Database, and Web Development 

    •  Copy Writing  •  Language Translation 

    •  Creative Services  •  Literature Fulfillment  •  Order Processing

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