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By: Aboriginal Boreal Conservation Leaders  09-12-2011

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Growing up, Maria M'Lot witnessed various researchers and scientists come into her community of Cross Lake, Manitoba. The majority came, conducted their field work and left with little to no interaction with community members. “They came and left, never sending a report or summary of their work, so nobody really knew what they were doing,” says Maria. Years later, Maria is a researcher herself working with a First Nation-directed environmental non-profit organization, the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), on environmental issues including the protection of the boreal forest. Unlike the researchers that came to her community, Maria recognizes the importance as well as immense value in working alongside First Nations, citing that despite her education and hands-on experience, “I am not the expert, the Elders and community members I work with are the experts.” Growing up in the boreal forest ..

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