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By: Rfnow  09-12-2011


RFNow Inc. is dedicated to using cutting edge technologies in broadband wireless to provide a broad range of solutions in data management and flow.

The established communications companies have for the most part been unable to respond to the requests and needs of consumers including, businesses, school divisions, health authorities, and economic development organizations in the so-called remote areas for high-speed communications products. RFNow is capable of meeting these high-speed data communication requirements.

High-speed data communications will allow clients broadband access to the Internet, their own networks, IP telephony technology, VPN's, and any other Internet standards based protocol.

RFNow can supply 1, 2, or 3 megabit per second speeds over the network depending on client requirements, and higher speeds are available. Unlike ADSL that operates at 1.5 megabit per second in but 300k out, RFNow Inc.'s wireless clients can experience their selected speed in both directions.

Applications range from High Speed Internet in rural areas to wide area networks as well as IP based applications in the Industrial, education and corporate sector.

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RFNow Inc Services

When comparing costs of conventional phone line internet access, Keep in mind there will likely be some data lines costs and charges that will be eliminated due to the implementation of The RFNow solution. This includes maintaining the network infrastructure and providing dedicated bandwidth as per the agreement. The RFNow network covers locations in Southwestern Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan.