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By: Harvs Air  09-12-2011
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Harv’s Air is proud to offer many options to complete the Commercial Licence and to achieve your goals in aviation.

It should be noted that all students are trained to the same standard, completing the same flight and written tests regardless of Commercial course chosen. The difference is in the flight hours and
calendar time to be completed.

  • Start anytime, with any number of breaks.
  • Complete the courses separately and on your own schedule and timeline.
  • Minimum of 200 hours of flying and 80 hours of ground school.
  • The following licences and ratings must be completed: Private, Night, and Commercial Pilot Licence.
  • A multi-engine and instrument rating may be completed before or after completing the Commercial course. Ask for details.
  • Student may add courses and options to suit his goals and budget.
  • Price depends on the type of aircraft, intensity of the course, courses chosen, and the students ability to learn.

Harv’s Air is proud to offer affiliations with the following Colleges and Universities:

  • Partnership in continuous operation since 1984
  • Offering a BA in Aviation (4 year), Diploma in Aviation (2 year), and a Certificate (1)
  • Geared for missions and commercial aviation.
  • Aviation Management program (2 year)
  • Geared for Commercial Aviation and Management.
  • Includes the following courses integrated into a single course: Private, Night, Taildragger/aerobatics, Commercial, Multi Rating, and Instrument Rating.
  • Total of 200 hours flying and 150 hours ground school.
  • For students looking for a intensive, integrated course.
  • Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence: Fly for hire or reward.
  • Fly all single and multi-engine aircraft day or night, in visual and instrument weather conditions.
  • Financially able to complete the training: (students may pay as they go)
  • 18 Birthdays
  • Class 1 medical. Obtained from a Aviation medical examiner.
  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Total of 200 hours of flight training, of which 100 is Pilot in Command.
  • A minimum of 150 hours ground school all of which is conducted in a classroom setting.
  • Includes instruction on Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and General knowledge.
  • A Transport Canada written and flight test is required for the Private, Commercial, Multi, and Instrument Rating.

The duration of the Professional Pilot Course is designed to last 8-9 months. This presumes a 4-5 day a week schedule with a 2 week break approximately in the middle of the course. The course can be done in less then 6 months if you work VERY hard 6-7 days a week with no breaks.

Some countries or airlines require 250 hours of total time for the Commercial Multi Instrument Rating. This fulfills those requirements.

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