LED Digital Electricity Energy Meter DEM8900

LED Digital Electricity Energy Meter DEM8900 from Huayansheng(SZ) Electron Limited

By: Huayansheng(SZ) Electron Limited  13-10-2012
Keywords: Power Supplies, energy management, Energy Consumption

LED Digital Electricity Energy Meter DEM8900  

Product operation description  

1.1   Description 

DEM8900-1/DEM8900-2/DEM8900-3 (short form for DEM8900) is designed by adopting the updated microprocessor and digital signal processing technology, which can be applied for monitoring the electrical system. DEM8900 can measure and analyze the real time electrical parameters, such as I, kWh, kvarh., Meanwhile, DEM8900 has functions of  multi-tariff, RS485 communication ( MODBUS protocol), analog output, remote input and electrical pulse output. All our instruments fulfill all important requirements and regulations concerning electromagnetic compatibility and safety isolation (IEC61000, IEC1010 standard and EN61010 standard). The devices have been developed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with Quality Assurance System ISO 9001.

1.2 Measured scope
The meter can be applied in secondary measure in high and low voltage electrical system.
The measured data can be communication transmitted.
It can achieve the function of measuring and analyzing parameters for single phase, 3-Ph 3wire and 3-Ph 4Wire system (include unbalance load).

1.3 Measured parameters
Current: Class 0.2
Active Power: Class 0.5
Reactive Power: Class 0.5
Active Energy: Class 1.0
Reactive Energy: Class 2.0
Note: 1. DEM8900-1 measure current, active energy, active power (optional, with analog output)
          2. DEM8900-2 measure current, reactive energy, reactive power (optional, with analog output)
          3. DEM8900-3 measure Current, active energy, reactive energy, active/reactive power (optional, with analog output)  

Parameter Setup Meter address: 1 - 247
PT: 1.00 - 99. 00 and 100.0 - 6500.0
CT: 1.0 - 6500.0
RS485 baud rate: 2400 /4800/9600/19200/38400 bps
Pulse Energy Constant: 1- 9600 Passive pulse
Pulse width: 20 - 100 ms
Analog output corresponding:  4 - 20mA or 0 - 5V
Multi-tariff rate: 2 - 12 Interval / alternation time is multiply by 30 minutes  
Technical Specification  
Current Input Current Input: 5A (Current value can be set up)
Measurement scope: 0.5%~120%
In Overload capacity: 2 X rated continuously, 100A/1s non continuously
Power consumption: less than 0.2 VA per phase  

Voltage Input
Voltage Input: 400VAC (phase voltage), 693VAC (wire voltage) (Voltage value can be set up)
System frequency: 45~65Hz
Measurement Scope: 3%~120% Un
Overload capacity: 2 X rated continuously, 2500V/1s non continuously
Power consumption: less than 0.5VA per phase  

Remote Input (optional)
Input channel: 1channel
Input mode: Dry contact Isolated
Voltage: 2500VAC 

Analog Output (optional)
Output channel: 1 channel programmable  
Output signal: 4~20mA or 0~5V (optional)
Response time: less than400ms
Isolated Voltage: 2000VAC  

Pulse Output
Output channel: 2 channel (active/reactive energy each without power)
Serial Communication Interface (optional)
Channels of output: 1 channel RS-485 interface
Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU protocol
Baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 1920, 38400 bps  

Multi-tariff function (optional)
Interval number: 2 - 12 (The ending interval can cross 0:00)
Interval longth: a multiply of 30 minutes
Multi-tariff rate type: sharp, peak, flat, valley  

Other parameters
Auxiliary power: 85~265VAC/DC (30VDC is optional; 2 is “+” terminal and 1 is “-” terminal when use DC power)
Display type: LED display
Temp. drifting factor: <100PPM/ celsius degree
Withstand voltage (Input against output): 2500V/1 min
Total power consumption: <6VA
Operation temperature: -20~60 celsius degree
Storage temperature: -40~85 celsius degree
Operation humidity: 5~95%RH
Pollution class: Class 2
Material of housing: Flammability acc. to UL94V0
Protection class: IP 30
Dimensional size: 96 mm × 96 mm × 78mm
Installation size: 91 x 91mm
EMC and Safety standard
IEC61000-4-2 (GB/T17626.2)
IEC61000-4-8 (GB/T17626.8)
IEC61000-4-4 (GB/T17626.4)
IEC61010-1 (GB/T4793.1)

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