LCD Digital Multifunction Smart Power Quality Analyzer Electricity Panel Meter MPM8000

LCD Digital Multifunction Smart Power Quality Analyzer Electricity Panel Meter MPM8000 from Huayansheng(SZ) Electron Limited

By: Huayansheng(SZ) Electron Limited  13-10-2012
Keywords: Power Supplies, energy management, Energy Consumption

LCD Digital Multifunction Smart Power Quality Analyzer Electricity Panel Meter  

Detailed Product Description  
True RMS multifunction measurements including Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Energy, etc High accuracy Multifunction Power meter
Superior performance at competitive pricing
Easy to install, program and use
Large LCD display for better visibility and longer life
User programmable for different system voltages and current measurements
Optional Ethernet port for easy integration of meters directly onto Ethernet LANs  

Multifunction Panel Power Meter MPM8000 with RS485 & Ethernet

1. power meter measures voltage, current, power, power factor, kWh, kvarh
2. RS485/ Modbus
3. power quality analysis
4. DI/DO   

MPM8000 Power Meter Features:
1. Suit for LV/ HV voltage system
2. Compact design with all real-time measurement
3. Consist of basic unit and optional modules
4. 10 years back-up of integrated energy data
5. Large LCD, high brightness, auto-scrolling
6. High accuracy, V or I is 0.2%, kWh is class 1
7. CT and PT programmable
8. Pluggable terminals, easy to install
9. Panel size: 96 x 96mm
10. Password protect   

MPM8000 Power Meter Basic Function:
1. Voltage - Ua, Ub, Uc, Uab, Ubc, Uca,
2. Current - Ia, Ib, Ic, In
3. Active power - Pa, Pb, Pc, Total P
4. Reactive power - Qa, Qb, Qc, Total Q
5. Apparent power - Sa, Sb,Sc, Total S
6. Power factor - PFa, PFb, PFc, Total PF
7. Frequency
8. Active energy - kWh (4 quadrant)
9. Reactive energy - kvarh (4 quadrant)
10. Demand and Max. record for I, P, Q, S
11. Unbalance rate for U, I
12. Max./ Min. value  

External modules for Extra Function (optional ):
1. Harmonic analysis;
2. 8 remote signals on/off mode;
3. Programmable
4 analog outputs (0~5V or 4~20mA optional);
5. Data storage;
6. Profibus Com. Protocol
7. Ethernet communication functions   

Continuous metering of electrical loads such as generator panels, feeders, switchgear, etc. Provides remote status when used software
Low and Medium voltage applications
Replaces multiple analog meters saving space and installation costs

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