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By: Model Aviation Products  09-12-2011

These retracts are extremely lightweight. A three gear set, including air tank, air valve, fill valve, tubing and wire struts weighs in at 3 ounces.

The minimum air requirement is approximately 70 lbs., depending on the size and the weight of the wheels used.

Notes on Winter Flying / Cold Weather

As of February 2008, we have begun to do some winter testing. Initial results indicate that the retracts did work, although they did need to be cycled a second time.

Due to the fact that the micro retracts are very small, they may not operate consistently when the temperature is below 0° Celsius (32°F). The 'gear down' function is affected because the spring struggles to lower and lock the gear into position.

More information regarding winter flying will be added as further testing takes place.

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