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By: Above Rubies Canada  09-12-2011

Every now and then, I find myself caught up in the sin of worry.  I know it is counter-productive, in addition to being offensive to God.  Yet, I can still find myself twisted up in its exceptionally tight grasp.  Perhaps it is a financial concern, with the scales seeming to tip in favour of debt or shortage.  Or, perhaps it is a pregnancy woe, with complications and potential loss looming. Sometimes it is over children that seem to be causing plenty of parental mental anguish.   The list can become quite long as to what could be causing my wheels to spin in all the wrong directions.

Whenever I find myself in such a predicament, there is something I have found that works for me.  I’d like to say that I just pray and then peacefully leave it all at the foot of the cross.  However, that would not be true.  More often than not, I grab it back, and fret over it some more.  However, there is something that helps me truly lay it down.

Would you like to know what I do?  Maybe it will work for you as well.  Whenever I have a problem that is big enough to be occupying too much of my brain space, I do two things.  First of all, I take a second to acknowledge that the problem may very well resolve itself the way that I hope it will, and then be over.  That part is simple enough. Next, I play out the worst case scenario that the problem  may cause, to the most horrific  case imaginable.   I then take a second to ponder that.  I inevitably come to the same conclusion every time.  No matter which way it goes, I consciously realize that either way, I will indeed be fine.

Even in my worst case scenario, I realize that God is still going to be sovereign, and He will still be in control, and He will still work out His purposes.  I will truly be fine either way.   I find this grants me a tremendous amount of peace.  Instead of playing out all kinds of worrisome scenarios in my brain, I bottom line it out to my worst fear, and come to the conclusion that I will still be fine,  either way.  That is an affirmation I use regularly, and I find it very useful.

“I will be fine, either way!”

And I believe it too.

If you can take your problem, and see the worst part of it, or the worst place it may lead, and then realize that you will be fine, then you can truly move on.  And we know that we will be fine too, because we know that moment by moment, God will walk us along, and that He will do His will.  His will is infinitely better than ours anyway, so I find that within that, there is rest.  Particularly, rest from worry.

Have a worry free day!

Love Michelle

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