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By: Above Rubies Canada  09-12-2011

Would you like a glimpse into how life works in my large family?

Well, to begin with, organizing a family day takes a major amount of coordinating, with 5 different people working at “real” jobs within our house.  This makes a family day quite an amazing accomplishment, requiring lots of jiggling and juggling of schedules.  But today, we pulled it off!  All 13 of us managed to spend the entire day out at the lake, enjoying water sports with another family.  Many had their thrills being pulled across the lake on skis, tubes and boards.

After the fun-filled day came to a close, we piled  into the van with some tired, and some very “sad to leave the lake” children.  Not even out of  the driveway, we hear one  of the children say, ” we still haven’t found my retainer – what if it is getting too dry?”  Yes, the night before, the retainer could not be found, and she went to bed without it. Now, as we travel back home, she remembers that we still haven’t located the costly item.  So, what to do?  Well, Dad panics, thinking we have lost it here at the lake, because he worked late the night before and didn’t realize it was lost at home.  He was visibly relieved to discover it was truly at home, but then I realized that we have an orthodontic appointment the very next afternoon, and so we NEED the retainer found.

In a large family, problems like this look this way when we are in the big van. I wave my hand in what looks like some type of lame form of sign language, alerting the portion of the family with headphones on to listen up.  When everyone is paying attention, I let them all know that upon arriving home, no one will sleep until the retainer is found.  Each person will hunt, in fact scour, one room at a time until it is found. It is top priority, and while I am at it, I also outline the vehicle arrangements for the next 2 days.  We have 4 drivers and 4 vehicles, but one vehicle is not to be driven to farms, and one vehicle is a 15 passenger van, so it is not ideal to take to appointments, so you can see why juggling needs to be done here too.

Anyway, we arrive home, and I start to divide up the various tasks that need doing,  and then  I ask my daughter where she last remembers leaving her retainer.  She points to the laundry closet, so I say I will take that, and I assign others to other places.  I had asked the Lord to please help locate this thing quickly as we drove home, as we were all tired, and we had already spent a good portion of time looking for it the night before.

I keep a couple of drawers full of socks on top of the dryer, and so I started there, giving them to my daughter to sift through while I began to look around the back of the dryer. Well, wouldn’t you know it, she found it right away in the socks.  God is so good!! I then entertained the family with a little happiness jig while singing a victory song, and everyone got a good laugh.  Yes, praise God for the gift of “mommy eyes”.  He tells us just where to look LOL!

We were then onto the job of laundry (as the baby had soiled the blankets I needed to put her to bed in the morning before we left), getting a sliver out of a foot,  teeth brushing and finally, bedtime.

I love family days.

This is me!

Here is a family picture from a previous family day!

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