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By: Above Rubies Canada  09-12-2011
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I am sorry that I haven’t written in such a long time!  It seems that the days can easily fly right by, and suddenly a whole season has passed!  I never seem to find that true for those last ten weeks of a pregnancy  though !    Too bad!  Any hints on how to make that time fly by would be greatly appreciated!  I still fail at that, even after multiple opportunities to improve!  Those last few weeks seem to take forever for me, but anyway, I don’t have to face that for awhile ……

December is always especially busy around here.  We typically are trying to finish up our first half of the school year, while getting busy preparing special holiday food,  and entertaining friends more than usual.  Then, of course, there is the baking of the family favourites. This is a very arduous task, as everyone has their own special favourite.  It could never be nice and simple – like the top three or something.  No, there are about eight or ten items that are expected to be ready for inhalation!  In fact, I was so behind on this particular portion of my holiday planning that I had to promise instead to make one of the more time-consuming favourites for Easter.  It was those crazy cinnamon horns!  They are a yeast type of cinnamon roll up filled with jam, or apple filling, and they equal my least favourite recipe to make.  I am not patient enough for all of the rolling and cutting and filling and rerolling.  That is why I do not make filled cookies, or perogies, or meat buns, more than once every few years.  So my poor family has to wait until spring now for their cinnamon rolls!

I had been off to a great start in my preparations! I had all of the gift shopping completed by the end of November!  A few of us had piled into our 15 passenger van and drove down to Fargo for a full 48 hours of shopping over Black Friday.  The van was packed absolutely full as we sailed over the border back home.  I was so grateful that customs didn’t haul us over to investigate.  It would have taken HOURS to go through the enormous amount of purchases that the five of us had made.

How I managed to be so together with my shopping and so behind with everything else was beyond me.  I really was feeling like Christmas was descending on me just like a thief in the night!  Maybe it was because we took a week of family holidays at a lovely chalet in the first week of December.  That should have had me all rested up and ready to tackle any job once I got back home, but instead, it put us all in holiday mode and it was just so hard to break out of it!  Anyway, we managed to get the house decorated and the bulk of the preparations completed, with just a few things missing.  It all turned out just fine in the end.  It usually does, doesn’t it?  Sometimes, our expectations need a little adjusting in order to meet reality properly.

The week before Christmas brought our family an early gift!  The most precious one we could be given, outside of salvation!  We discovered we would have another baby to join our lives at the end of summer, and this was exciting,exhilarating,overwhelming, and humbling all at the same time!  We decided that we would wait until we got an early ultrasound and saw a strong heartbeat before we would share our news with any but the closest of family and friends.  However, my body reacts instantaneously the very second that HCG hits my bloodstream, so I found myself having to keep my parka on at church and everywhere else.  This was not very convenient.  If I took it off, out popped my little belly, and that drew way too much attention.

When I started to receive congratulations from people I had not told, we decided to just announce it already!  I will still have that ultrasound on January 12th, and I hope and trust that all is well. After losing two single pregnancies, and one twin pregnancy, we like the assurance that an early ultrasound offers.  We are very much looking forward to seeing a heartbeat on the 12th!

I will be in Edmonton on the 12th visiting my sister and my mother, so this will be a treat for them as well.  They will be able to join me at the ultrasound, whereas they usually have to hear everything over the phone, after the fact.  This time, they can be along! I am thankful for that opportunity, and the Lord was very gracious to me by allowing me to get in for a scan on a cancellation, as I will only be in Edmonton for 3 days.  I am just popping in for a quick visit  on my way home from the Above Rubies Ladies Retreat in Surrey, BC.  It will be so nice to see Nancy, and all of the ladies this coming weekend!

So far, I have been a part of organizing, or have organized completely, five Canadian Above Rubies ladies retreats!  I have always had a nursing baby along, and I have been pregnant for quite a few of them too!  The Lord sure knows what He is doing, because I tend to be very unmotivated when I am pregnant.  It is a good thing that I didn’t know ahead of time that I would be in my first trimester now, or I may have succumbed to tiredness, and not bothered with putting one on this January!  I am also already booked to bring Above Rubies Canada to four homeschool conferences this winter and spring, and one more ladies retreat.   I did not get pregnant until all these events were all booked and set, so He must want me there!  And He will provide all the necessary energy!

May He use these events to spread Above Rubies far and wide across our nation!  Our culture is in such a desperate state, and we need to hear biblical truths regarding marriage and family!  I suppose travelling with a nursing baby and a belly bump will help make the message even louder haha!  In my weak and humble state, the Lord will hopefully speak to many, and the message that Above Rubies delivers will go to several new places!  It should prove a very busy, and hopefully very productive, 2011 for Above Rubies Canada!  May He be greatly praised!

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year, and that you learn to trust our Father more and more!  If He stretches you as He has me, then may you be willing to be poured out for His glory!  What could be more gratifying than that?  When we are weak, He is strong, and all we need to do is simply trust and believe that He will accomplish what we think we cannot.  May we all be teachable, humble and willing vessels in His hands.  In my own strength, I often want to say that it is too hard, I am too tired, I am unable, and unqualified.  The Lord has heard all those types of reactions from us before.  He even got that from Moses!  However, we know that when we are on His mission, He provides all the necessary equipment!  He will not let us down, He will provide all that we have need of, in all of our endeavours, at home and elsewhere.

Loads of love from Michelle

Keywords: holiday, Rubies

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