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By: Klassen Concrete  09-12-2011

ocelot enclosure

sun up at the ridge

oh that crazy Hartley……

yeah, its a suit

look, I’m talking about how awesome my guys are….ok???!!!

crazy nice wall finishes

here’s a few of the 11 new waterfalls….

phil shows the water wall some loven

water is officially turned on


sweet tim and his new buddy

oh that crazy Hartley, Sam and Margaret again….

love this guy!! lol

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Seems the good folks over at the Winnipeg Zoo liked our presentation so much, that they offered us a job re doing the rock work and floors inside the Tropical House at the zoo this winter. Â Just to update you all a bit, Doc Johnson says no more neck brace- but no head locks either for 3 months. Â A full recovery is expected and, yes, I’m very lucky and know it.


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 Of course cowboy Ryan and cowboy Aron will be helping lay sod so that cowboy Roger from Rival Craftsman Dudes can….wait a minute he’s french…… ok,  So La Cowboy Roger and his crew can finish off with a sweet deck and door and stair thingy deal… it’ll be sweet because this job is overloaded with cowboys. Now cowboy Mitch and cowboy Randy Mac are diggin the landscaping portion of this job.


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This display is part of the new Assinaboine park reno going on by the Pavillion, you know, where the new toboggan slide is going in…. Seems there’s this big dinasaur nest and it needed some eggs see,,, and so the people called and…….