Take Two - CIMS Applications and Descriptions

By: TakeTwo  09-12-2011
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Application Control System (ACS) - An NCS CIMS III exclusive, ACS is the powerful "security umbrella" module that controls CIMS III software and other compatible software and allows individual menus to be easily tailored for end-users. Financial Management System (FMS - Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Tendering, Receiving, Accounts Payable, Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Budget/Forecasting) - Provides for automation of ALL financial tasks with automatic maintenance of the General Ledger. Each School District has the capability to determine how the modules should be implemented base on their de-centralized or centralized strategies. FMS provides "automatic" integration with Payroll, Warehouse, and Fixed Asset. It accommodates EDI for Accounts Payable and imports from Royal Bank VISA for districts who use employee VISA cards.Employee Management System (EMS - Payroll, Human Resouce, Absence accrual, Applicant, Budget/Forecasting) - As a sophisticated payroll and integrated human resource system, EMS lets you pose questions about your finances and see how potential changes could affect your budget. Detailed employee information is up-to date and available on-line, and all payroll transactions are automatically posted to the General Ledger in FMS. This module provides for automated maintenance, analysis, and reporting of all applicant and personnel information. The system holds demographic, hire/rehire, education, job assignment(s), special qualification, attendance, timecard, direct deposit, work history, location, union, wordprocessing text, record of employment, T4, and other user-definable data. EMS provides "automatic" integratioon with Finance as well as student master schedule. This module also interfaces with TSSI automated sub call system.Human Resource Management System (HMS) - A system that enables you to establish a detailed inventory of all approved positions, HMS assists in budget preparation, matching applicants to vacancies, and matching qualified substitutes to employee absence's. HMS tracks career paths, professional development, and automatically rolls application information into EMS when applicants are hired. Fixed Asset Inventory System (FAS) - FAS helps simplify your property control. Define your own asset categories, track multiple fixed asset inventories, utilize carious types of depreciation, and control asset transfers and retirement on-line. This system can track/report on fixed asset items as well as acquire, transfer, depreciate and dispose of them.Warehouse Inventory System (WHS) - Maintains stock item inventory and automates inventory acquisition process. As a stock item, all laminating, photocopy, and other related services can automatically be charged. It also automates the general supply and bid preparation process by allowing central office to accumulate requests, print proposals, input bids, award vendor bids and generate general supply purchase orders based on requests. Work Order Management System (WOR) - Maintain entry, authorization, charging, and scheduling of work to be done for school maintenance, computer services, audio visual services, or other work order related functions. Requests are generated online from departments and schools. Fullfillment, scheduling, and charging of work is completed online by Management. The G/L is automatically updated.Facilities Rentals System (FRS) - Provides for automating the process of taking room bookings, finding available space, recording the entry, notifying the appropriate location personnel, and finally charging for the rental. This product fits tightly with FMS Accounts Receivable.Bookstore/Cafeteria Management (BOK) - Point-of-sale application that automates daily sales or charge operations. Inventory is automatically maintained. Daily postings update the G/L (Journal entries for chargebacks, cash receipt for revenue, accounts receivable for sponsorships). Student Management System (SMS) - SMS offers a way to accurately manage student information. Maintain all types of demographic information including home information, discipline records, emergency data, immunizations, course requests, achievement, suspensions, transportation, and more. Transfer and promote students on-line instantly. And, to ensure that CIMS III software meets your changing needs, SMS allows you to define, track, and report virtually unlimited amounts of additional information for individual and groups of student via its TAGs functions, Easitly extract information via flexible report writers. CIMS is compliant to provincial requirements (1701 - BC, EIS - AB, Demog - MB). Student Grading System (SGS) - automates student academic information. Student grades, comments, course credit histories, G.P.A.s, and class rankings can be tracked and provided to parents, students, and other educational institutions. Grades can be alpha, numeric, + or -, short word, or percents, and can be printed on report cards or transcripts. Quickly enter grades via NCS scanners (or import data from various PC gradebook packages) and generate various reports with the Grading Report Writer. CIMS is compliant to provincial requirements (1701/TRAX - BC, EIS - AB, Grade transmission - MB). Student Scheduling System (SCH) - SCH allows you to automatically schedule student groups or individuals (walk-in registrations) on-line and print student schedules and class rosters. Schools may define their own courses and course codes, linked courses, balancing factors, elective, and alternate course parameters. Requests can be scanned or entered via keyboard. The automatic Resource Allocator helps build a master schedule. A variety of reports, including the Potential Conflict Report, will help you determine its validity. SCH also assists endusers in defining/maintaining student programs (eg: career prep). Student Attendance System (SAS) - SAS enables each school to define its own terms, periods, entry and withdrawal codes, absence reasons, and membership calculations. Attendance can be managed on a period-by-period, half-day, full-day, or select period basis. Absences can be entered by period, teacher, homeroom, course, TAG, range of periods, or range of dates. Enter absences via scanner and retrieve the information you need with the flexible Student Report Writer. Student Assessment Module (ASS) - This system works with student course requests to assign fees and record payment of fees. Student statements and refunds can be generated automatically. Day end postings automatically update your school books G/L. Each school predefines their own charging strategies. CIMS Scanning Operations (CSO) - CSO enables fast and accurate data entry through state-of-the-art scanning technology and forms design. School Accounting Management (SAM) - Provides for automation of all school financial tasks (write cheques, deposit money, journal entries, bank reconciliation) with automatic maintenance of the General Ledger. This system is integrated with the student fee module to automatically post assessment, payment, refund details from the student system. Boundary/Out-of-catchment Management - This module integrates with student demographics (street, address, program, school) to automate the process of registering, placing, and forecasting school enrolments. Every postal code or street is defined along with school/grade/program designation. Reports can be generated showing projected enrolments. Programs can be run to feed students into appropriate next year locations. Error reports can be generated showing out-of-catchment students. Continuing Education Management (CON) - Independent from the student modules, this system works with non post-secondary related courses. It automates the process of defining continuing education courses, assigning teachers, assigning students and waitlists, producing cash receipts, taking attendance or grades, and creating certificates of completion.

Keywords: Automates, Financial Management, school