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We provide complete portable broadcasting units as well as dealing in individual components that make up a broadcast station.

A completely portable FM radio Broadcast Station contained in a 'suitcase' format.
A complete broadcast console with computer controlled programming
Audio equipment used by WANTOK in producing their stations. Also for sale separately.

          Efficiently boosts any audio signal

A variety of optional items are available to enhance the basic unit and to permit greater flexibility in meeting user needs.

Upon receiving a request for information, you will be sent "Pro Forma Invoice".  This invoice will outline, what you will receive, any additional items you may require, your cost and how to pay.


WANTOK ENTERPRISES provides a wide range of technical and operational services. These include technical support, training and installation of broadcast stations. Consultants are also available upon request.

On site installation of all equipment performed by qualified technicians.
On site 'hands-on' training provided on the operation and maintenance of equipment. Exercise-type manuals specifically configured to the needs of individual station owner/operator.
Technical Support
Consultants are available in the fields of planning, development, installation, and training. Qualified personnel are available to conduct socio-economic impact studies if required.
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Keywords: Broadcast Station, Registered Trademarks, Technical Support

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