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By: Highspeedcrow  09-12-2011
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High Speed Crow| Services

Equipment Sales and Leasing.

  • Monster Power bar at time of install, or $25 when an installer is passing through.
  • Wireless router (TrendNet) for $65, including installation.
  • AVG two year license for $55.
  • Outdoor Cat5e UV, Direct burial rated cable, $0.49/ft.
  • Tripods $45.00
  • 12' Mast $25.00
  • 7' Mast $15.00
  • Tower Base Plat $35.00
  • House Bracket $35.00
  • Miscellaneous Supplies (Bolts,etc.) $15.00
  • Tower Set-up $85.00
  • Tower sections are $130 each (10' section), this includes Mounting Brackets, Base Plates, U-Brackets, Bolts, Stakes.
  • Point to Point Wireless links starting at $1000 installed
  • Point to Point Microwave links, ideal for outbuildings or backup to cable based services.
  • Temporary network connections (Roadside stands, Construction trailers, etc..)
  • Temporary monitoring stations (Solar powered with video surveillance).
  • We also provied speeds from 1mb to 100mb.

Plus any applicable taxes.

If you choose to purchase a tower through High Speed Crow, we will install the tower with no set-up fee.

    The Base, Brackets and supplies to set up the tower are included with the purchase of a tower.

If you purchased the tower from somewhere other than High Speed Crow and would like us to install it, there will be a charge of $85.00.

    There will be an extra charge to replace any missing parts (Prices above). This may include tower base, brackets, bolts, etc.

We also provide wholesale bandwidth to other Internet Providers in Manitoba. Please contact

for further details.

We do service calls at the rate of $85/hr plus $0.65/km.

If you need help in setting up a wireless router, removing a virus, installing hardware, etc..

There are 2 computer shops in the general area of our customers.
R&R Computers in Oakbank
South of HWY 44 and North of NWY 15, East of HWY 59
CCR Computers in Selkirk
337 Eveline Street
West of Red River, Then North to Petersfield, and South to Winnipeg.
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Keywords: Brackets, Computers, tower