Bulk Transloading and Processing

By: Omnitrax  09-12-2011

Port of Churchill

The Hudson Bay Port Company is North America's only deep water Arctic seaport. It is strategically located on the west coast of Hudson Bay and owned and operated by OmniTRAX Canada – offering easy entry and great efficiency for shipping products to and from Europe, Russia, Africa, Mexico, South America and the Middle East. The port has four deep-sea berths, including one tanker berth, for the loading and unloading of grain, bulk commodities, general cargo, and tanker vessels. The port is connected to the Hudson Bay Railway, which then connects to the Canadian National Railway system, allowing customers the ability to reach over 100 million consumers within 30 hours.

Churchill Fuel Terminal

For more than 50 years, the Churchill Fuel Terminal (CFT) has provided reliable and timely fuel service to industry, governments, aviation and military businesses that are located in and travel through the region. CFT is the largest fuel terminal in the Arctic, with a 50mm-liter capacity.

CFT has an established critical infrastructure for distributing fuel – and it's ready to deliver at short notice. Through its unique fuel and logistics system, it is able to manage supply chain costs and pass those savings on to you.

Customers can choose to have their vessels fueled at The Port of Churchill - or have the fuel transported throughout the region by air, by ship or barge. Because of CFT's close proximity to Nunavut and the rest of the Arctic Region, it offers a great deal of flexibility and speed in delivery.

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Real Estate

Wirelines and cable crossings that go over, under and across railroad property may include fiber optic cables, copper telephone wires, electrical distribution and transmission lines. To access railroad property for digging, surveys, drilling, soil sampling and monitoring, etc. Permissions and right-of-entry permits are required before entering railroad property.