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By: Carman Tent Rentals  09-12-2011
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Carman Tent Rentals specializes in providing clean white tents elegant enough for formal events such as weddings but also functional for events such as yard parties and other social occasions.

Our tents are made of laminated vinyl to provide protection from the elements on rainy or colder days but also to protect from heat and UV radiation on more temperate days.  The window and solid walls can be easily removed to increase airflow on hot days or installed to provide protection from wind and rain during less favorable weather conditions.
Our tents are designed to be elegant and attractive. They have a high-gloss exterior and french window walls standard with installation. The canopy is all-white, has a scalloped trim, and is supported by tall, white, poles to create a spacious and romantic environment for your special event.
Don't leave the success of your party or wedding up to the weather. 


Professional Installation is included.

Open sides for air flow.

Side panels provide wind and sun protection.

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