What are the Benefits of Adult Circumcision?

What are the Benefits of Adult Circumcision? from Buenafe

By: Buenafe  29-05-2014
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In comparison to infant circumcision, adult circumcision is less common. Adult circumcision is usually recommended for men suffering from phimosis or overlying skin, inflammation, balanoposthitis and even to those facing difficulty in retracting their foreskin. Most of these problems are commonly seen in diabetic men, yet they can occur in uncircumcised men as well. Scarring and chronic irritation are common problems faced by uncircumcised men. In normal cases this can be prevented by regularly cleaning beneath the foreskin. As an initial measure, physicians will probably prescribe anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ointment to get rid of the problem associated with yeast infection. Unfortunately, since the chances for these conditions to recur are high, physicians recommend circumcision. Benefits of Adult Circumcision: Bladder or Prostate Gland Relief Older men who have had prostate gland problems are most likely to have problems with their foreskins that resulted from surgeon’s handling and using of instruments. Men suffering from this problem look to get circumcised for permanent relief. Reduces the risk of Penile Cancer Though cancer of the penis is fairly rare, there are few cases of penile cancer reported across the world. Infant circumcision offers 100% protection to this penile cancer. Even young adult circumcision offers a large degree of protection. Cancer in Women A virus named Human Papilloma Virus is responsible for cervix cancer in women. This virus thrives under the foreskin and gets transmitted during intercourse. Though the cancer of cervix cannot be avoided completely, 20% of this cancer can be avoided if men are circumcised. Protection against HIV/AIDS Studies reveal that circumcised men are 8 times less prone to HIV virus than uncircumcised men. Even studies conducted on Uganda tribes have revealed that people who practiced circumcision were less prone to AIDS than the ones who were not circumcised. Now, the tribes in the nearby area have started circumcising. There are many benefits to adult circumcision if you are experiencing difficulty, pain or problems. It would be highly recommended to see a physician to see what they would prescribe or recommend.

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