Wise 60 Serving Freeze Dry Grab and Go Meat Kit

By: Store-it Foods  09-12-2011
Keywords: Emergency Food

Real Food .. Real Meats .. Prepared in Minutes

Enjoy the versatility of adding seasoned real meat to existing Wise Company food products, staple emergency food (rice, wheat, beans), everyday meals, or use as a high protein snack while camping, hiking, hunting, etc..

TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) adds flavor and nutrition to Wise freeze dried and dehydrated foods, but for those wanting the taste and texture of real meat, that too can be made a reality. Packed in convenient 4 serving mylar pouches (gold color of pouch = gold standard of meals) and featuring a 15 year shelf life, the Wise Company Seasoned Freeze Dried meats are light, convenient, cook easily in the provided pouch and can be used to boost protein levels in already great meals.

Unique Variety of Flavors:

    • Roasted Chicken (12 servings)
    • Southwest Style Chicken (12 servings)
    • Teriyaki Style Chicken (8 servings)
    • Stroganoff Style Beef (8 servings)
    • Cheesy Ground Beef (8 servings)
    • Savory Roasted Ground Beef (12 servings)

For added protection and easy storability, the Wise Freeze Dry Meat pouches are packed in the popular, Wise Grab and Go containers.  Each container has 15 individual pouches of freeze dry meat that can be opened and used without decreasing the food's shelf life.  And unlike dehydrated, Wise Freeze Dry meats retain color, texture, flavor, and most importantly - nutrition.

Bucket contents consist of 15 total pouches with 4 servings per pouch - .25 dry cups per serving.

Keywords: Emergency Food

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