Rig Rugs - Oilfield Absorbents

By: Spill  09-12-2011

Camouflaged SurvivorMat™ makes leaks and drips disappear - stays on the job longer!! It has a unique micro-fibre top layer, trapping the liquid in the inner layer. The bottom layer of FineFiber allows is to grip the floor better than regular melt blown polypropylene, making it ideal for high traffic areas. The rolls are perforated every 7.5" vertically and every 17" horizontally, giving the user flexibility. The optional Matwell with the SurvivorMat™ insert, is ideal for placement in front of machinery and busy walkways for maximum protection against spills, slips/falls, and minimizing contamination around the plant. Bright yellow/black stripes around the tapered edges offer good visibility.

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Oil Absorbents - Pads Rolls Socks

OILWIK™ square pillows are ideal for use beneath horizontal drum dispensing faucets or under constant drips, as well as an add on to spill response kits. Sumpwik™ and Net Pillows absorb oil and repel water and are used in interceptor tanks, sumps, bilges, and catch basins.


Stormwater Management | Pigmalion Environmental

A non-absorbent, flexible barrier designed to prevent spills from spreading into sewers, drains, door areas or walkways. The modular Berms create a semi-permanent, high-visibility barrier that is exactly the size and shape you need. Durable urethane material is compatible with oils, coolants, and most chemicals. Model with higher wall helps deal with larger volume spills.


Outdoor Storage Containment | Pigmalion Environmental

Drip Pad Berm captures small leaks and drips, and with its stable weighted base, it will not tip or splash in windy conditions.Comes with an oil-absorbing pad, making it compatible with all fuels and hydrocarbons, thus eliminating nuisance drips under vehicles, hydraulic lines, or equipment.


HAZMAT Absorbents - Pads Rolls Socks

When hazardous or unknown liquid spills occur, use the CHEMWIK™ sorbents for quick, efficient response. They yellow colour helps in quick identification, and the pads are perforated down the middle. It also has an extra non-linting top scrim layer for 'clean' applications. The pads are sonic-bonded for extra tensile strength.


Universal MRO Absorbents - Grey

The multiple perforations allows you to create a pad, sock, roll, or mini strip – application specific. The spunbond fabric layer provides durability and strength which means you'll get longer use. Peak Performance Perf 4 Rolls are the most versatile, general-purpose rolls on the market. Walk on them, fold them, place parts on them.