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Keywords: Climate Control, Air Control, Control Unit


controls are used to operate the different components in a facility. Depending in the number of components they ranch from very simple to very sophisticated. In this section we have selected a few of our controllers, and have divided them in some main catagories, this to make it easier to see the different controllers available for the different demands. The sections Air control unit and Extensions are usable with every control even with different brands. 


The controls are divided in these catagories:

In climate control hogs we have selected a few controllers commenly used in the hog industry. The controllers selected range from the CBA-2000 Series which is a fairly simple single room controller, to the KL-6000 Series (not KL-6001) wich are very advanced multi room controllers, that have the capablility to still have readouts and overrides at every room.


In the climate control poultry we have selected a few controllers commenly used in the poultry industry. the controllers selected range from the CB-4000 which is a fairly simple room controller with one zone and registration of running times, to the PL-9200 Which is a advanced 8-zone one room controller, with almost every control function in it that is thinkable.


The Air control unit has options in there that can be used to control the amount of air being moved. Thinks like automated air dampers with air volume measurment etc.


In the extensions we have selected the most popular control extension boxes. Like the SPM series which is a triac based extension box that recieves a 0-10V signal from the main control and corolates that to a 0-100% output voltage great for controlling single phase fans or lights, or the EGM-100 Series winches, which are small winches capable of pulling 100Kg of weight with 24V supply power. These winches can be equipt with a battery backup so even when there is a power failure the continu to operate.

Keywords: Air Control, Air Control Unit, Climate Control, Control Unit,

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KL-6000 Multi Room Controller

When a KL-6000 is part of a central exhaust system or ECOVENT-system, a frequency controller will control the speed of the fans centrally. The KL-6000 controls the room climate to ensure the right balance between heating and ventilation at all times. The result is a climate computer that can be adjusted to your specific situation and optimum desires.



By using a complete plastic casing (50mm Polypropylene hollow-chamber-principle) every module is, besides UV- and cast-resistant also perfect insulated against noise and climatic influences. The complete construction has become thus strong that, under normal circumstances, damage during transport or use of the individual unit has been reduced to an absolute minimum.


Air2 Heat Regain Units

In order to simplify the choice for the correct heat-regain-unit for user and/or local dealer we have designed an extended standard kit, which, if needed with a limited number of options and extras, already provides a great number of possibilities for the relevant broiler building. Because of the smooth surface structure cleaning and maintenance has become very simple and efficient.


CBA-2000 Single Room Control

The CBA controls the building climate to ensure the right balance between heating and ventilation at all times. The CBA controls the building climate in one room where the fresh air comes in through air inlet valves. The CBA also monitors the room temperature. Ventilation and temperature at a glance. Data communication + Windows PC software. Min. & max. temperature alarm.


KL-6001 Advance Room Control

To ensure the KL-6001 is compatible with the situation in the barn, the KL-6001 is equipped with almost every control thinkable like air intake valves, air volume control through measuring fans and the capability to control a second fan. When the KL-6001 is part of a central exhaust system or ECOVENT system, the fan speed is controlled by a frequency converter. The KL-6001 controls the ventilation level through a 0-10V control signal.