AG-STOR Archwall

By: Behlen  09-12-2011

100% steel construction, easy to assemble and expand. The Archwall® is recognized as one of the most versatile buildings on the market. Availability of engineered and stamped drawings makes this Quonset ideal for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications in all markets. Our ISO Certification means our products are precision manufactured every time. From equipment to crops, a BEHLEN building can store it all.

Key Features:

  • Spans 80’, 90’, 100’ and 110’.
  • Easy to handle 12’ panels.
  • 7’-7/8” corrugation for heavy snow load and commercial applications.
  • Galvanized.
  • Simple to follow construction and foundation details specific to each building.
  • Bolt-down, formed footing channel for easy connection to foundation.
  • Equipment doors 40’ x 20’.
  • Man doors 3’ x 7’.
  • Wide range of building accessories available.

Storage Capacities:

Span Max Storage Capacity (Bu.)* Max Metric Tonnes Wheat and Soybeans* Max Metric Tonnes Corn*
80' 87,192.26 2,372.96
90' 100,564.16
2,736.88 2,554.46
100' 118,910.35 3,236.18 3,020.48
110' 135,159.29 3,678.40 3,433.22
* Capacities based on building with 4’ stemwall and 100’ in length; figures are approx. measures; using a 28º slope. Metric tones calculations assume wheat and soybeans at 770kg/cubic meter; corn at 720kg/cubic meter. All maximum capacities include a 5% compaction allowance.

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The BEHLEN Product Line

We have expanded that offering in grain and equipment storage through products such as Crop Circle® - intermediate storage rings, Archwall® Quonsets, Chalets, Secure Storage and Phoenix. The wall and ceiling assembly provides unparalleled energy efficiencies compared to other more conventional methods, making CORR-SPAN a natural for arenas and sports facilities.