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By: Allen Leigh  09-12-2011
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Allen Leigh has been in the farm security business since 1996. We provide wireless video monitoring, alarm systems, farm security systems, two-way radios, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR's), drive way alarms, temperature alarms; implement cameras, and wire and wireless video and audio equipment. Everything you need to keep your operation secure.

We offer products from such well known manufacturers as CNB, Dakota Alert, Vertex Standard, and DSC. Our own brands, Implement Cam and Cow Cam further contribute to our efforts to meet the needs of our clients. But in our quest to solve farm security problems for our clientele, we can access over 300 brand name products to help solve virtually any security or surveillance situation that our clients come to us with.

Allen Leigh Security & Communications formally known as Allen Leigh Enterprise is a privately owned proprietorship based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, started back in 1996 for local farmers as they were looking for quality wire and wireless video and audio products so they could monitor their cattle during the calving season. This saved them countless hours, trips to and from the barn, hours of sleep and of course calves and undue stress on the farmer and his livestock. This camera has since been adapted to cover foaling, farrowing, lambing and hatching applications. We are focused on providing specialized solutions for the farming community and new products and services come online constantly, so please, if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask and we will see what we can do for you.

Lately with the 15 years of experience in selling and installing Motorola Two-way and FleetNet Radios, and the on set of more security required in local businesses and farms yards. We moved out of our small location to a bit larger location with easier access and on site installation bay. We have grown our business slowly and surely to make sure we keep the same customer satisfaction as what you repeat customers are accustom to.

Our new location is 712 Victoria Ave. East, Brandon Manitoba R7A 1Z9.

Allen Leigh Security & Communications is not your typical business where we carry only a certain product and only do that one thing; we like to find solutions for our customers.

We have helped out colonies to trigger a water pump to fill their reservoir when it dropped below a certain level. They had too many problems with a pressure valve so they needed to send a signal from the reservoir to the pump over 6 miles away and have it work reliably.

We have worked with poultry barns to put together temperature alarms for turkey barns so the owners would be notified if the conditions were too hot or too cold or if the power went out in the barns. These alarms have saved thousands of birds.

We put together a panic alarm system for nurses who are alone with patients and unsupervised. They did not feel comfortable with the situation so we implemented a system where they press a pendant and it would sound an alarm. They are now monitored and feel safer.

Keywords: Alarm Systems, Barns, Cameras, digital video recorders, Farm Security, Temperature Alarms, Turkey Barns,

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In case you phone in with a false alarm, the monitoring stations have a live person answering the phone to help you with your call, no automated systems like some other companies. Our monitoring service is 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year by a ULC listed station in Canada to make sure your alarm gets through.