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By: Oaknook Honey  09-12-2011
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We invite you to try out our premium house-line of Oaknook's Creamed Honey products and our latest product, Oaknook's Honey Slice bars.  All of our products contain 100% pure, Canadian, unpasteurized honey (no.1 white) which has been collected from a blend of canola, clover, and alfalfa crop lands. 

What's in our honey?  Nothing but honey!  Natural pure honey is a great low fat, nutritious, energy source.

All of our honey products including our flavored honey products are GLUTEN-FREE!


Individual Containers:

Containers by the Case:

20 x 375 g Oaknook's Honey Slice Bars NEW!    $CALL
Now in strawberry and    cinnamon flavoring!
12 x 375 g Oaknook's Liquid Squeeze Bear $CALL
24 x 500 g Oaknook's Creamed Honey $CALL
Now in strawberry and    cinnamon flavoring!
12 x 1 kg Oaknook's Creamed Honey $CALL
Now in strawberry and    cinnamon flavoring!

Bee By-Products:

Novelty Gifts:

Be sure to ask about our larger containers and novelty packaging options.  

Also, stop in and see us between July and August and pick up some freshly harvested honey.

Oaknook's Honey Slice Bars NEW!

We have finally done it!  Ournatural pure creamed honey is now available in a 375 g (0.83 lb) bar form.  State-of-the-art processing and packaging ideas has allowed us to be the first to conveniently offer packaged honey this way.  How did we do it?  It’s no secret, butter has been packaged like this for years!  

     Economy Packed , this savvy product eliminates the cost of paying for a pricey container.  This savings is passed to the consumer who seeks an affordable product having all the same Natural Pure Honey taste.  Some people have used it as a refill product, filling their previously emptied honey containers.    

     The Honey Slice comes completely sealed.  Our reasons for this is to lock in all of the natural flavors and aromas of Natural Pure Honey and to provide a "tamper-safe" product ensuring that you get honey and nothing else.

     Sometimes the first impression is all you get!  We like to serve the Honey Slice to our guests.  It eliminates having to remove unsightly bread crumbs from the container.  Just like a stick of butter, the Honey Slice can be placed easily on a dish at the center of your dinning table.  Simply slice through bar for the desired amount.  Peel off the packaging and place the bar on a serving dish.  For best results, refrigerate bar before opening and removing packaging.  It’s easy…spread it like butter, store it like butter!  Refrigerate the remainder in a zip seal bag to maintain the bar shape.  The Honey Slice can be left out at room temperature to soften if desired.  It is ideal for spreading and melting on warm toast, pancakes or on whatever you desire. 

     Also excellent for baking!   Some have called it a "bakers-delight"!  One Honey Slice bar is equivalent to 1 cup (250 ml).  Simply slice for recipe amount with no mess (see our .  Also, using a warmed grater, try grating the Honey Slice like block-cheese over oven-fresh baking.  It’s a simple way to honey-glaze all of your recipe favorites.

  For best results refrigerate bar before grating.  

     A great gift idea!  The Honey Slice makes a great gift idea.  The Honey Slice bars are excellent for placing into special occasion and seasonal gift basket arrangements.  Ask about our novelty labels.  Make your gift baskets memorable!

     We can ship to you!  Shipping and handling fees are determined by weight and distance, and are calculated at the time of shipping.  Contact us for your free shipping charge estimate.

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