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By: Maysteel  09-12-2011

Advanced Systems and Processes

  • High-productivity
  • Multi-stage wash
    and pre-treatment
  • Latest powder coat technology
  • Liquid coat -- water-based
    and high-solids enamels
  • Fully automated and manual processes to meet project requirements
  • Quick color change
    in powder or liquid
  • Stainless steel finishing -- directional or orbital graining, polishing

Maysteel offers a variety of painting and finishing processes and expertise to meet current and changing customer requirements for weather resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance. Maysteel is equally experienced in powder and liquid coating technologies and offers more than 60 standard colors, as well as custom mixes. Cold-rolled and galvanized steel, corrosion-resistant alloy material, aluminum, and even stainless steel are among substrates commonly handled.

Maysteel also specializes in directional or orbital graining on stainless, commonly used to resist graffiti damage.

Representative Painting/Finishing Processes

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Maysteel / Products / Innovative Enclosures / Assembly, Integration and Testing Services

Items integrated: Printed circuit boards in ESD-controlled assembly area, switches, wiringTesting: Embedded microprocessor testing via PC-based factory set-up, full functional burn-in and test. Items integrated: Audio/visual cables, discrete cables, plastics, power supplier, loudspeakersTesting: Dielectric, ground continuity, full function, UL/CSA/TUV recognized product.


Maysteel / Products / Innovative Enclosures

They may need bays for critical components, intricate enclosures for large electronic or electrical assemblies, robust cabinets for commercial or office equipment, or a host of other products. Customers of Maysteel Innovative Enclosures come from a multitude of industries with diverse product requirements.