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By: Mayfield Creek  09-12-2011
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Mayfield Creek Forestry Consultants take pride in offering our clients a customized program of management to meet the specific needs of their woodlands. As professional forestry consultants, we take pride in our services and it reflects in the quality of our work. Our primary consideration will be that your desires and goals for the land are met. We will conduct a thorough examination of your property to assess the quality and quantity of your various natural resources.

We will exclusively represent your interests and keep those uppermost in the management of your property. Our primary services are listed below, but if you have a special needs project, please feel free to contact us.

A Land Management Plan is the first step in responsible forest stewardship. MCFC develops forest management plans designed to optimize the productivity of forestland in conjunction with a landowners objectives. The plan serves as the landowner’s manual for a property and includes a work schedule to increase the quality and health of the forest. The landowner receives stand summaries including board feet and value per acre within reasonable statistical tolerances.

The Land Management Plan may include:

  • Owner’s objectives
  • Existing access and recommendations
  • Boundary lines
  • Forest health
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Water status
  • Recreation recommendations
  • Recommendations regarding forestry and wildlife for each individual stand or area
  • Thinning schedule
  • Aerial photos, tax maps, topographic maps and forest type maps with stand listings

MCFC can also develop specific management plans to qualify the landowner for land management programs.

An inventory is the foundation on which management plans, timber sales, financial and growth projections are made. It is essential for the recovery of long-term capital gains and establishing value in the event of fire, trespass, storm damage and estate tax planning.

Timber sale management is a valuable service provided my Mayfield Creek Forestry Consultants whose job it is to secure the most money for the owner’s timber investment. MCFC mark acceptable forest products according to silvicultural guidelines and landowners objectives and then solicits bids from logging companies throughout the region. This process ensures that the landowner receives the best market price for their timber. This service includes marking a proportional amount of low-grade trees, which should be felled at the time of harvest to improve the overall health of the forest. The proportion of low-grade marked trees is dependent upon the timber quality, size of sale, and market region.

After the bids are received, a timber sale contract is then developed between the buyer and the landowner. Insurance documentation is required to protect the landowner from any liabilities. The contract includes re-grading roads, skid trails, and landing areas, including the installation of appropriate erosion control measures. Additional contract specifications are discussed between the landowner and MCFC foresters.

MCFC supervises all timber sales to ensure best management practices (BMPs) are implemented and a quality harvesting operation is performed. Our qualified experienced foresters examine forest aesthetics, competition, tree vigor, and vitality in determining which trees have the greatest potential for future management.

Woodland owners who do not work with a forester risk lower income on the existing timber sale and reduced return from their future growing stock. Although most loggers are competent professionals who do a careful job extracting timber, they may not maximize your return on your timber. Working with MCFC will help avoid the potential of damaging the productivity of the forest and ensure you get the most out of your timber sale.

MCFC help landowners design and supervise forest road construction. Forest roads improve access, which facilitates woodland treatments, observation, and recreational opportunities. MCFC incorporates best management practices while constructing forest roads to reduce erosion and siltation potential. Erosion control measures, such a broad-based dips, waterbars, corduroy and culverts, are employed in the planning process. A well-designed forest road is vital in serving the landowner.

The improvement and regeneration of species of oak, cherry, ash, and maple for wildlife and future timber harvests is essential to the forest development and sustainability. This is known as Timber Stand Improvement (TSI). TSI involves cutting small diameter trees of poor quality or nondesirable species to help develop new seedlings and saplings of better quality, species, and value. TSI may be implemented by either commercial (timbersales) or non-commercial means, depending on the age and quality of the timber.

MCFC can help maximize the value of your forestland by managing and marketing forest properties to investment groups committed to sustainable forestry practices. Marketing involves careful preparation, by identification of all asset values, analysis of timber and multiple use potential, and financial modeling.

The future trend in large parcel ownerships of forestland continues to be a shift in ownership from traditional paper and forest products companies to institutional timberland investors. Many land owners are adjusting their view on forest management in regard to enhancing the productivity and value of their total land use. Woodlots now are seen as a valuable asset worth properly managing.

MCFC provides appraisals, timber cruises, long-range planning and complete advisory services on forest practices and land-use planning, as well as on-ground implementation of the best management practices.

An essential step in the process of artificial forest regeneration is preparing the land for planting. Many techniques are available using mechanical and chemical preparation methods. MCFC will make recommendations based on the needs of the site and objectives of the landowner.

MCFC provides mechanical and hand tree planting for reforestation, windbreaks, privacy and wildlife. A variety of species is available from Mayfield Creek Nursery and orders are taken before January 1 st of each year. Contact us for specific varieties and tree planting schedules.

Wetland designs enhances reparian systems and habitat for wildlife. MCFC can help landowners meet the requirements of the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP), a voluntary program offering landowners the opportunity to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands on their property. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides financial support to help landowners who enroll in WRP.

Land that is considered poorly drained and has been agriculturally used in the past 50 years for crops or pasturing is eligible for wetland improvement money, if the area meets hydric soils requirements. MCFC will evaluate site eligibility through the NRCS. If approved by the NRCS, Mayfield Creek Forestry Consultants will provide a planting plan for wetlands and erosion control in riparian areas.

Keywords: Landowner, Timber, timber sale, Trees