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By: Max Potential  09-12-2011
Keywords: Team Building, Process Improvement

Business Mentoring

Sometimes you need a �soundboard� to hear out your thoughts and ideas to solve business problems or clarify some of your new ideas. The merits and possibilities are the focus. In the end we often generate new initiatives that might otherwise have been overlooked entirely.

We are seasoned professionals who have succeeded in many facets of running a business. We want to inspire higher levels of performance for you and your team to ensure that your dreams become a reality.

Mentoring assists you in making decisions concerning matters such as strategic direction, solving specific problems, optimizing personnel performance, ownership and management succession planning, overcoming family business issues etc.

We have a successful track record and we will share our perspectives and experiences with you.

You make the final decisions we help you make the best decisions possible for your business!

Executive Coaching

“�Executives should seek coaching when they feel that a change in behavior � either for themselves or their team members � can make a significant difference in the long term success of the organization�” Harvard Management Update.

Coaching is most often used to support top producers in an organization. It inspires faster development of interpersonal and leadership skills. Skills that are crucial for future success as organizational leaders.

In today�s lean and fast moving business environment executives need a winning edge. Coaching can assist them not only with specific skills development but also assist them in working through specific situational challenges.

Our assistance is objective and focused on development of soft skills such as relationship development and effective communications as well as perspectives drawn from our own experiences. In situational discussions we offer a more comprehensive perspective of the issue at hand and a more complete discussion of the possible alternative solutions.

At MAX Potential we inspire better performance from the executives we coach and hold them accountable to deliver the expected results. Our role is to support their development � not to make decisions for them.

Expert Meeting Facilitation

Leaders often struggle with making meetings productive, engaging and focused. Many participants attend meetings with little or no preparation and as a result the meetings are not effective in helping you deliver tangible results. Valuable time is lost and overburdened executives become less effective that they should be.

This is not an uncommon scenario. It is often cited that people are too busy to plan their meetings well.

At MAX Potentialwe are experts at facilitating effective meetings and offering guidance to you and your personnel on how to be accountable for the results of your meetings.

Workshop Facilitation

Every business has unique requirements and challenges in their organization. It is virtually impossible to use a �cookie cutter� approach to learning and problem solving in your organization.

We have developed and delivered workshops covering many areas of Leadership and Communication.

Some examples of workshops that we have successfully developed and conducted include Personal Leadership Effectiveness, Team Building and Communication, Improving Customer Service, Professional Sales Development, Process Improvement and more. Your challenges are our business.

Our clients appreciate our ability and willingness to relate to their situation and address their needs without hesitation.

Inspired Team Performance

A senior executive is only as good as the team around them. We all know that this is true but developing and inspiring that team takes a lot of time, energy and expertise. A well developed team provides immediate and long term financial returns. Investment in developing your team is money well spent.

You do not have to develop your team alone. In fact, outside assistance is often preferred � that�s where we can assist you.

Our focus is your success as a team.

Teamwork is much more than activities that you can do together. Real teamwork requires a deep understanding of each other at a personal level. Respect and trust development are key elements of the success of your team.

Team members need to be able to speak about difficult issues often in a conflicting environment to arrive at the best course of action for the company.

Identifying areas requiring attention, developing actionable priorities and executing identified initiatives is the process that we use at MAX Potential. We hold the team and individuals accountable for the delivery of agreed upon initiatives. Everyone needs to be held accountable for the delivery of expected results.

Sales Force Development

If price is all that matters, why do top sales people focus on the developing strong relationships with customers and focus on value rather than price of their product or service?

We believe that the ability to develop strong business relationships and articulate value to customers are critical to being a top sales performer. There are many things that top performers need to do well but these are critical to the success of a top performing sales representative.

We often utilize highly effective personality assessment tools to assist you in understanding the many facets of your personality and the characteristics of other personality types. Awareness of these differences and similarities enables you to develop effective strategies for adapting and connecting with others even if they seem difficult to relate to at first.

Our Sales development programs are custom designed and delivered to meet the specific and unique needs of your organization.

Keywords: Process Improvement, Team Building

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