By: Matrek  09-12-2011



Designed to analyze any level of student achievement data, Prometheus™, is ideal for handling District level data from a central location. Built on a robust and stable web platform, Prometheus™, is an ideal and simple solution to allow for distributive decision making. Prometheus™ is dynamic and is built around your data. It is capable of handling unlimited amounts of student data or collections of different data sets.

Imagine querying a test result set, drilling down to find those students that are at risk, and then being able to graph this cohort of students. But the analysis does not stop there! Prometheus™ provides you with the tools to focus on this cohort of students over time. In this fashion, trends can be identified. Let Prometheus™ help you filter your data so that you can identify isolated events, and pinpoint definite areas of concern.

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School boards have struggled with manipulating the vast amounts of test data from multiple sources obtained year to year. Have a gut feeling about an emerging trend, but unable to prove it with your current statistics. Unable to perform student matching to the Ontario Education Number. Ontario Education Number student linking. Statistical comparison based on gender.