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By: Material Motion  09-12-2011
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  • Food Grade: AIB, HAACP Certified bulk bags

  • Pharmaceutical Grade

  • UN / DOT HAZ/MAT certified FIBC for safe transport of Packing Groups I, II, & III hazardous materials.

  • Type A FIBC without any measures against the build up of static electricity. 

  • Type B FIBC are designed to prevent the occurrence of sparks and propogating brush discharges & acceptable for use in non-flammable atmosphere & dust zones 21-22.
    • Breakdown Voltage should be equal to or less than 6 kV (all uncoated and coated bags)
  • Type C FIBC are made from conductive fabric or plastic sheet, or interwoven with conductive threads or filaments and designed to prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges. Type C FIBC are designed to be connected to earth during filling and emptying operations.
    • The resistance to groundable points limit has been reduced to 107. 
  • Type D Static Dissipative Bulk Bags-Genuine Crohmiq Blue & White Static Protective fabric FIBCs are constructed from insulating fabrics incorporating interwoven conductive or antistatic threads and/or antistatic coatings, (Genuine Crohmiq Blue and White antistatic fabrics). Results of large scale laboratory tests suggest that some designs of Type D FIBCs can be considered for the transfer and storage of powders in the presence of flammable gas and vapor atmospheres (MIE greater than 0.14mJ). CROHMIQ® static protective fabric for Type D FIBC is designed and engineered to operate safely in the presence of flammable or explosive atmospheres without the need for a ground connection. CROHMIQ® static protective FIBC fabric provides protection from hazardous electrostatic discharges by safely dissipating charge into the atmosphere by a process called corona. In CROHMIQ® static protective FIBC fabric, corona is produced by patented quasi-conductive yarns that are interwoven with polypropylene tapes at intervals of about 20 mm (0.8 inch). The purpose of the quasi-conductive yarns is to concentrate the electric field from any charge that accumulates when filling or emptying an FIBC. The advantage of using corona to safely dissipate charge is that it does not require a ground connection. Type C FIBC do require a ground connection because they rely on conduction to transport charge to ground; take away the ground connection and charge has nowhere to go. With corona, there is always somewhere for charge to be safely dissipated.

Baffled Bulk Bags  feature internal baffles to keep the filled bulk bag shape square. Circular Woven and U-Panel bulk bags round out when they are filled. Squared bulk bags increase the loading capacity for light density products and improve stability. Helps reduce shipping costs per pound and improves arrival condition (less likely to topple over or get damaged during transport). Especially ideal for products with bulk density less than 20 PCF (Pounds per Cubic Foot). Use baffle bulk bags for:

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Kaolin
  • Seeds
  • Beans
  • Food Powders

Funnel Bottom Bulk Bags  feature 60 degree cone bottom panels, big discharge spouts with side release discharge straps. Ideal for products with poor flow characteristics. Use funnel bottom bags for:

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Kaolin
  • Any light density powders with fair to poor flow characteristics.

Baffle/Funnel Bulk Bags  are best for light density powders with poor flow characteristics.

Circular Woven Bulk Bags  feature Cross-Corner lift loops, which require less operator input to handle lifting. Circular woven bulk bags don’t have side seams, therefore sift-proof by nature and are the most economical of all bulk bag styles. Good for any product with standard duty cycles, with less than 3000 lb capacity and 5 to 1 Safety Factor.

U-Panel and 4 Panel Bulk  Bags feature side seams which allow the lifting straps to be sewn down as far as full length of bulk bag, which increases top lift strength. Panel bulk bags round out less than circular woven bags. Use U-Panel and 4-Panel bulk bags for loading capacity greater than 2500 lbs (1250 kg), for UN/DOT Haz/Mat materials or any application that requires 6 to 1 Safety Factor.

Squeeze Bags  are circular woven bulk bags that feature Cone Tops and Bottoms and a Center Lift Sleeve. Fitted with 2 Ply Liquid Liners these bags are ideal for viscous products which can be totally discharged easily. Squeeze Bags require use of outer Rigid IBC such as a collapsible corrugated box or returnable plastic container. Ideal for:

  • Inks
  • Peanut Paste
  • Pigments
  • Creams
  • Pie Filling


  • ISO-281898 Standard for Non-Hazardous Duty FIBCs
  • Hazardous Duty FIBCs: UN Model Regulations & DOT 49 CFR
  • Food Grade FIBCs: AIB, HAACP, GMP, Certified Clean Room
  • IEC 61340 Standard for Electrostatic Hazardous Duty FIBCs

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