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By: Mastercraft Coffee And Vending  09-12-2011
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Our Staff
The biggest factor in determining the quality of service in a vending operation is the people who provide you that service. The first step is careful employee screening in the hiring process, followed by training, timely and specific feedback, and an incentive to do above-average work. 
A one-on-one interview determines a prospective employee's qualifications. It carries the most weight. All other tests and measures are used as tools in helping us make our decision. We do this to be certain the employee servicing your account is an honest, hard-working person. 

Operational Employees Operational employees go through three weeks of intensive training while riding with an experienced route person. We provide them with a written job description and all expectations are outlined. Route DriversOur route persons are compensated in one of two ways: either a weekly guaranteed base, or a percentage of sales, depending on which is greater. This means they are motivated to do their very best for you by keeping your machines full with a variety of selections your employees enjoy as well as keeping it clean and operating efficiently. They do preventative maintenance to insure you do not have unnecessary down time. Setting the Standards Matercraft's V.P. of Operations and driver supervisor continually ride with drivers to see that they are doing the quality work expected. There is no replacement for one-on-one instruction by management. 

Mastercraft is proud of its employees!  We thoroughly train and rigorously test them before they serve you. Testing appropriate to each candidate's position includes any or all of the following:

Pre-employment Testing

  • Medical Exam - determines physical ability. 
  • Professional Integrity Interview - determine honesty.
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test - determines if the employee has aptitude to do on-the-spot repairs.
  • Intelligence Test - determines if employee has the ability to be aware of customers’ needs and satisfy them.
  • Thorough Reference Check - determines if employee has satisfactory working history.
  • Personality Profile Test - shows if someone has the right disposition to get the job done.
  • Driving Records - reviewed for safety concerns.

Studies have shown that although testing is inconvenient for the applicant, the expense to the employer is well worth the higher caliber individual we retain. It also helps reduce employee turnover.

Employee Accountability

  • Performance Based Compensation - Commissions: Our route drivers are paid by commission, not hourly. Better service equals better sales and satisfied customers. This financial interest in better service benefits everyone.  Very few vending companies have performance-based compensation. Automatic Merchandising, our industry trade publication, says fewer than 5% of vending companies use commissions as the sole form of route driver compensation. Mastercraft is unusual in great ways.
  • Performance Based Compensation - Bonus: Your service person receives an additional monthly bonus based on his/her performance score at your account. Your account is reviewed on merchandising, cleanliness, labeling, maintenance and other criteria.  The higher the review score, the higher the bonus. Plus, account scores are publicly posted at Mastercraft for peer review. This added incentive means extra effort is given to your lunchroom and vending areas.
  • Accountability Through Inspections: We review an account and write a report. It might say something like, “There are two hand written price labels.” This is informative but maybe not “impactful”. So we take a photograph, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. So, our sales people carry cameras and if we see an issue sometimes attaching the photo to the write-up really expresses our desire for excellence from our route drivers.
  • Employee Quality/Excellence: Mastercraft has a quality assurance and employee development program called the “Phoenix Project”. The Phoenix Project adds up to a more enjoyable, productive, quality focused work life. 
  • Training & Development: Continuing employee training and education keeps Mastercraft’s employees current. An example of this is when our managers and route drivers go to a competitor’s location to critically evaluate the machines and service; looking for ways that Mastercraft would make improvements. Then together they go to a Mastercraft account and apply the same critical thinking. Together we see what we are doing well and how we might improve our own services. This team approach provides the basis of a unified approach and expectations. Your Mastercraft service person has the global perspective about providing a well-rounded service. Constantly developing skills keeps the individual and organization… …dynamic and vital!
  • Uniformed Employees: Our personnel wear uniforms; enhancing security and maintaining a professional appearance.

Our Service

Preventative Maintenance Program

  • We maintain a rigid preventative-maintenance program that results in less downtime for vending machines. Your service person receives a predetermined bonus for each routine maintenance task. The more difficult the job, the larger the bonus.

Computerized Scheduling

  • Mastercraft's computerized scheduling keeps the machines full. Our accounting controls detect malfunctioning machines. 

Quick Response

  • Response time to a problem is critical to good service. Timeliness requires constant access to service personnel. All service personnel carry cellular telephones. If there is a problem your driver can contact a mechanic and probably fix it immediately. In the Chicago and suburban area, we arrive within one to two hours from the time we are called! We provide repair service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Repair Guarantee

  • Mastercraft has a prompt repair guarantee . If a machine is unable to be repaired within three hours, the coffee in that area will be free for a day, or the soda will be vended at half price. We are very committed to prompt service.  

Customer Service TeleCenter

The Customer Service TeleCenter   is a comprehensive approach to providing the ultimate customer service! Our Customer Service TeleCenter   lets the vending customer pick-up the phone, and have direct contact with Mastercraft immediately, while the problem is occurring and simultaneously gives a refund.  ♦ This service frees up your personnel who previously provided refunds and phoned in service calls.
♦ It reduces machine abuse.
♦ It also maximizes satisfaction for the entire vending program.


  • Refunds are instantly provided to the customer remotely through the Customer Service TeleCenter.
  • When a customer experiences a problem they merely pick up the handset, and Mastercraft’s service department is automatically called. Our representative takes the service call and dispenses the refunds immediately.
  • No one from your organization needs to track the refunds and service calls.
  • The already short response time will be reduced even more, by immediately informing us of a problem. Otherwise if your organization’s refund person is busy, and does not immediately respond to the call, then the repair time is delayed. Unnecessary delays possibly frustrate subsequent customers who wish to use that machine.
  • Accurate information is provided at the time of the problem, not after the fact. Miscommunication is reduced when a problem is directly communicated.

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