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By: Martyr Magazine  09-12-2011

It’s been 20 years since the iconic Canadian group Organized Rhyme released an album and even longer since they shared the same studio. Recently, two-thirds of the trio reunited to record a 2011 version of Check the OR.

In this MartyrTV exclusive, Ottawa hip-hop group Philly Moves reveal the secret to staying warm on the scene, year in and year out, in the country’s blistery capital city: Consistent flow and a positive message.

In addition to unloading their latest album, Armed to the Teeth, for us, Swollen also discuss a decade-plus in the game, how the times have a changed, Mad`s war with a well-reported Oxycontin addiction, and the future of the team, Tre Nice.

The Creepshow sit down with MartyrTV to discuss being robbed by fake cops in Spain, the latest album, Run for your Life, and the pros and cons of sounding like zombies on stage after too much Jagermeister.

K-os discusses his new album, Yes!, and unveils what inspired the idea for the Karma Tour, a series of free shows where fans are asked to pay what they feel the show is worth, after the set is finished.

An LMFAO concert is no place for the rubes, the youngsters or the prudes. Debauchery is in abundance whenever Red Foo and Sky Blu take to the stage. Enjoy the experience from backstage.

Exclusive on-camera sitdown with Guru of Gangstarr and his Jazzmatazz partner in rhyme DJ Solar, as they sit down with MartyrTV do discuss Vol. 4, The Hip-Hop Jazz Messenger: Back to the Future.

Independent hip-hop artist Nine4 takes a short break from the his busy recording schedule to discuss his moniker, his love for 90s rap and his big plans to take over the world from Canada’s capital city.

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Chronicling the experiences of one of this country’s greatest “scribblers” – novelist, essayist, journalist, and screenwriter, Mordecai Richler – would seem an enviable task for a contemporary Canadian author. Author Maxine Hyndman emphasizes the importance of acquiring wealth, while maintaining whealth, “a life that’s lived in alignment with one’s values, one’s greater purpose and one’s beliefs..


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Catapulted to fame early in his career, as the ubiquitous protagonist of cult classics like Bio-Dome and Encino Man, Shore had empathy for stars dealing at a young age with the pressures of Hollywood. Honours for excellence in Canadian TV will be doled out tonight in as the 26th annual Gemini Awards take to the Canadian Broadcasting Centre. Whether 10 Days Across Canada addressed the evasive question of a Canadian identity is another question.


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Recorded in “various caverns” in her home town, Amelia Curran’s fifth album since 2000, and first in 20 months, – an inordinately long off-season for her – is the only of her quintuplets ever produced in Newfoundland. A new-wave five-pack from Ontario’s capital, The Framework had a fan base before playing their first set and a distribution deal with Last Gang Records before they pressed their first LP.


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Highlighting colourful Canadian arts, new films, sports, stage events and national literature. Inside scoop on issues, politics from the Hill, war and the ever evanescent Canadian identity. Tough talk from coast to coast to coast, addressing Canada’s predominant issues du jour.


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As part of her recent Live Lounge Special on BBC Radio 1, Florence and the Machine covered the title track to Drake’s recently released Take Care album. Change the Sheets,” which is also the title of the first single from the record, set for release Jan. 17, explores the production of Voyageur. Who’s Foolin’ Who” marks the first single off the upcoming full-length Cherry Wine disc, which will be released for free in January, 2012.


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The Canadian installment of what has rightly been renamed the “occupy movement,” after it moved from New York’s financial district to many major cities across the globe, is in its third day and does not seem to have lost much steam since it started Saturday.