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By: Marmicmon  09-12-2011
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Marmicmon IMC offers a comprehensive International recruitment and retention service that assists employers in filling nursing and allied vacancies for hospitals, rehabs and long term care facilities.

Top Five Reasons for Recruiting Internationally

  • Fill nursing staff demand and supply gap.
  • Provide longer retention and better service quality
  • Bring in highly motivated high performing nursing teams
  • Gain top performers who are flexible and easily trainable
  • Help to meet workforce diversity requirement
  • Health Career Services

Why recruit with MARMICMON IMC

Marmicmon IMC offers a comprehensive International recruitment and retention service that assists employers in filling nursing and allied vacancies for hospitals, rehabs and long term care facilities.

We collaborate with international government organizations to provide health employers with qualified candidates from around the world. This is done by the active and ongoing sourcing of new candidates.   Register your vacancies with us, and you’ll get immediate access to nurses and allied candidates seeking employment.

Our health care HR consultants all of whom have experience in the health care sector ensure that your vacancies get exposure with the right audience. Once we understand your requirements, we begin the process – focusing our attention on finding not just a candidate, but the right candidate to meet your needs.   We review a candidate’s professional qualifications and their personal and lifestyle interests, to determine whether placement in your community is a good fit for both parties.

Marmicmon IMC is committed to making your recruitment of nurses and allied candidates easier and more efficient.  We work with international government organizations to assist you in every aspect of the recruitment process.

  • Market your vacancies and candidates
  • Guide you through the recruitment process
  • Facilitate and organize direct contact with prospective candidates
  • Guide candidates through the registration process
  • Assist you in every aspect of the immigration process
  • Assist in candidate in-country orientation, housing and ongoing candidate monitoring.

Marmicmon IMC is:

1. Efficient: We initiate a search as soon as we hear from you.
2. Professional: Extensive experience in the health care sector allows our recruitment consultants to readily interpret your needs.
3. Comprehensive: “One-stop shopping” for all matters related to recruitment, immigration registration and, housing
4. Retention-focused: Our goal is to facilitate not just matches, but the right matches – enduring, mutually beneficial relationships between both parties.

Keywords: Career Services, health care, International Recruitment, Recruitment, Recruitment Process

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