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By: Markou Leathers  09-12-2011
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Recognized by it's velvet-like nap. Typically made from buffing the underside of the hide.

It is made by using chromium salts, sulfates of aluminum or a combination of these chemicals to tan cowhide, sheepskins and lambskins. Very soft to the hand, nappa is almost always drum dyed so the colors penetrate the skins.

A leather is milled by placing hides or skins in dry rotating drums fitted with wood dowels. The tumbling process softens the dried skins and creates a shrinked effect.

Two Tone
An effect created by applying layers of similar or contrasting dyes to a piece of leather in order to create a mottled or aged appearance.

Pull up
A full grain, aniline dyed leather that is waxed or oiled. When pulled, the oils/waxes cause the color to migrate and become lighter in pulled areas. A look associated with good quality.

Keywords: Leather