Brand Mapping Improves Brand Perception and Position

By: Marketing Touchpoints  09-12-2011
Keywords: brand strategy

Take the guesswork out of brand strategy by showing the links (and gaps) between marketplace opinion, competitive position and brand execution.

Brand Mapping is a proven, research-driven approach to understanding, measuring and improving your brand. It measures the importance and performance of brands in the context of the competitive marketspace, so you can see exactly where issues and opportunities exist.

Focused on your key audiences (such as employees, shareholders, customers and prospects), MCorp’s Brand Mapping measures market awareness, perception and preference. A key brand strategy input, it quantifies these and other related perspectives:

  • Brand Perception: What—exactly—does your brand stand for? Brand Mapping uses our proprietary research and analytical methods to identify and prioritize the attributes and associations that drive perception.
  • Brand Position and Differentiation: Where does your brand stand in the market? Mapping market position vs. your competition, you'll see where opportunities for differentiation exist—or where problems lie.
  • Prioritization: How do different audiences or customer segments perceive your brand differently? Not all aspects of your brand are equal, and this data is critical to messaging.
  • Brand Drivers: How well does your brand experience drive desired customer behaviors? Gain an understanding of what aspects of your brand drive (or prevent) key lifecycle events such as acquisition, loyalty or retention.
  • Performance Metrics: What should you measure to monitor and improve brand health over time? Codify a metrics-based framework (leading and lagging indicators of brand health) for ongoing monitoring of brand performance.

Brand Mapping will help your organization leverage the qualities that make you unique and desirable, while addressing negative perceptions, giving you the tools to compete more effectively. From brand strategy and brand touchpoints to brand monitoring, Brand Mapping can significantly shift how you think about and deliver your brand.

Keywords: brand strategy

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