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By: Marketing Lane  09-12-2011

Usability is the cornerstone of any successful website. We have years of experience in A/B testing and will provide you with the tools needed to help your customers find what they are looking for.

Is an area of your site not generating the desired resutls? Site visitors may be finding it difficult to locate information or complete certain processes on your site.

Usability is simplicity. If your site is easy to use visitors will have a pleasane experience. Conversely, if your site is difficult to use, visitors will find your site frustrating and will associate these feelings with your company or product. Worse yet they will leave and never come back.

Our team will review your site and provide detailed analysis the current issues, provide practical recommendations as well as impliment these changes if so needed. We can arrange to have real users test your site in real time through advance analytical landing page testing that will allow us to drill down and focus in on what works.

Accessibility allows your site to work for a large audience. Does your site work in Forefox? What about Google's new browser Chrome? if not you are losing a large percentage of the tech savvy crowd. Does your site load slowly or contain unneeded scripts? If so you are losing out on the rural populations that dont have access to the internet.

We audit your website to determine its current state of accessibility. We review sites with recognised guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Our reports contain solid, readily implementable recommendations for any accessibility issues you may have.

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