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By: Market Trader Training  09-12-2011

This edge of extra knowledge has been used by the professionals on Wall Street to their great advantage for 150 years. How has it helped? By enabling them to amass fortunes in just a few short years…
In the beginning, just knowing which way the ticker was headed before the “outsiders” knew was enough to result in great profits. This method helped insiders until new laws were introduced. Times changed, and so did the professionals. They learned new ways of developing “the edge”, mainly by performing massive amounts of research on companies and accumulating massive amounts of data.

Most people don’t have the time to sift through all this data, even if they were able to get their hands on it. The edge remains with the professionals, who, because of it, are able to retire early, with yachts, summer homes, and other luxuries.

Thanks to the Internet and multitudes of Stock newsletters, traders now have boundless access to information, and plenty of tools to work with. But, how does one make the right decision on which tools to use … and once these tools are chosen, find the time to learn how to properly use them? On the Internet, traders will have to access myriads of links to get the answers they need, then all of a sudden websites change, bookmarks stop working… the worst part is having to spend hours pouring over the market for the high reliability money makers. Overall, it feels like they have another full time job, when the initial goal was to gain freedom from being locked into the job in the first place.

Success has been made easier

Most people only need one or two strategies, but don’t have the time to figure them out on their own. They don’t have time for exhaustive research into various strategies, and don’t want all the clutter of multiple tools and websites. They just want something that works; a simple tool to keep them focused on turning profits.

This key to “simplified profitability” has finally been discovered after years of careful research and collaboration between a team of professional market investors and trainers, and a world-class software engineer. The resulting Genius