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By: Mark Vii Equipment  09-12-2011

AquaDri E-20i (20 HP) and E-30i (30 HP) on-board dryers offer enhanced drying in less time (as low as 60 seconds) than other on-board dryers. That moves more customers through your carwash for higher profits. Features include:

  • Intelligent nozzles for better drying control, effectively drying the back of vehicles
  • Simple and modular design for longer life, improved look and more uptime
  • Patented design for powerful, yet quiet, airflow and more effective drying
  • Programmable Logic Controller provides effective, custom drying that reaches all vehicle surfaces
  • High-efficiency motors lower operating costs and site service requirements

No other free-standing dryers move air like the AquaDri FS-30 (30 HP) and FS-40 (40 HP). If you want to keep customers rolling through your in-bay automatic or tunnel car wash with the fastest, most thorough drying process in the industry, the FS-Series dryers are for you. Features include:

  • Sleek,"slimline" aluminum frame that minimizes the footprint required in a rollover wash bay
  • Link multiple frames together and flexibly configue blowers to match the throughput needs of a tunnel
  • Simple and modular design for longer life, improved look and more uptime
  • Powerful airflow for more effective drying
  • Controller and sensors that deliver custom drying based on the dimensions of the car
  • High-efficiency motors offering lower operating costs and site service requirements

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