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By: Marine Decking  09-12-2011

PolySpec® IMO LUX- Seamless Epoxy Terrazzo Floor

PolySpec® IMO LUX is the only ¼” trowel applied seamless epoxy terrazzo approved for unrestricted application under IMO SOLAS guidelines.

This system consists of a proprietary decorative aggregate blend mixed with epoxy resin, which is trowel applied to the desired thickness and texture.  This easy to install system is approved with two clear seal coats and a polyurethane topcoat to create a decorative and functional terrazzo like flooring surface.

This product is approved for use in wet or dry spaces, in virtually any compartment on board a marine vessel.  The tight applied matrix and completely sealed characteristics of the properly applied system act as a positive waterproof membrane, which makes this floor very easy to clean and maintain.