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By: Marine Aquaria  09-12-2011
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Have your aquarium installed properly. Schedule a qualified technician for portions of or complete installation.

System Delivery

We deliver your aquarium system wherever you want it. It’s easy when someone else does it.

Aquarium Placement

Solid support and utility access are required, it should exist where it will be enjoyed most – that’s wherever relaxing happens.

System Plumbing

We plumb for proper flow, quiet operation, and tap into building lines to increase ease of operation and maintenance.

Hardware Installation

We install (and sometimes modify) the best equipment selection for your showpiece and tie it into computer control.

Automation & Monitoring

An aquarium computer adds more control to system parameters and allows remote monitoring and control.

Seascape Creation

Each project is original. We use superior components and techniques to achieve the look you want.

Millwork & Blending

Once proper aquarium support has been put in place, we add the finishing touches to ensure that your aquarium reaches its full aesthetic potential.

Aquatic Life Introduction

Your aquatic life is added phase by phase, this ensures proper biological progress and species interaction.

Final System Check

We perform a final check to ensure that everything is up to our high standards – and yours.

and tell us your ideas - we can provide you a concept drawings & options, and if you like, an aquarium.

Keywords: aquarium, Aquatic Life