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By: Marie-claude Ethier  09-12-2011

Rewriting copy:
Rewrite, edit and reorganize copy in order to
increase the impact and improve results.

Here's my promise to you. I will:
  1. Understand your objectives and write copy that will help you reach them
  2. Gain a clear understanding of the topic
  3. Position your key messages for maximum impact
  4. Use vocabulary appropriate to your target market  
  5. Write eye-catching copy that attracts your targeted readers and keeps them riveted
  6. Help bring your target market to take action, such as contact you or visit your Website  
  7. Translate complex subjects into clear, accessible copy
  8. Adapt your scientific content in order to reach a broader public
  9. Gain a good understanding of your sector's main issues, challenges and opportunities
  10. Respect your deadline every time!
Who do I work with?
Marketing and communications managers in the
B2B sector.Advertising and PR agency coordinators and
account directors.

Case studies
White papers
Press releases and press kits
Newsletters and articles
Letters and invitations
Sales letters
Direct mail
Annual reports/activity reports

What's next?
so we can discuss your needs and talk about how to improve your results through results-driven copy! P.S.  : If you are not entirely satisfied with the copy, I will be happy to revise it promptly
at no additional charge.

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