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Aspiring young authors can burst with creativity; all they need are a few writing tips and a boost in confidence. In this documentary, Maria-Lucia Castillo introduces us to some of the children at the most recent writing workshops at the Ottawa Public Library. (Broadcast on Midweek, CKCU-93.1FM on Jan. 31, 2007)

Stop! Before you read any further, ask yourself: In reading this article, are you avoiding some other task? The answer is not as simple as you may think. After all, what is procrastination?

Carleton University Professor Timothy Pychyl has taken up the quest to answer this and many other questions on procrastination through a series of podcasts that he produces himself.

Imagine studying 400 years of American History in one semester. How much do you think you would learn about the emancipation of slavery and the Underground Railroad?

The reality is, not much. At least that’s the case for high school students in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

It was Wednesday afternoon, an unusual time for Professor Robert Burk to be on MSN instant messenger. Two days earlier, his students had written their final exam and he had told them by e-mail the marks would be posted on his web site in a week.

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Look at these two cards,” he says, holding up the cards in front of him, the Visa in his right hand and the Costco card in his left. Sgt. Chaughan Garvey reaches into the right hop pocket of his pants and pulls out a black leather wallet. Please hit play and wait about 6 seconds for the actual news feature to start. He rotates the cards and then holds them together one against the other. Then he pulls out a black Costco membership card.


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He recalls his father telling him, “Ferlánder, go and clean that plantain plant because that plant is going to give you food in three months whereas that paint brush won’t.. Ferlánder, now 27, says that when his father saw him painting as a kid he would discourage him from spending time on what he regarded as a fruitless activity. Professor Marc Dubé chooses not to drive his green Corolla when he goes to work every morning.


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Perhaps some international students might know, but to find a Canadian student at Carleton who understands this Chichewa expression for “hello, how are you?. Her understanding of Chichewa doesn’t go far beyond greeting expressions, since she spent only six weeks in Malawi this summer. Few people at Carleton University would know what this expression means. It would probably lead you to Susan Sunde.


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A reporter called her office at Foreign Affairs, where she works co-ordinating cabinet meetings.


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Based in New Brunswick, Atkinson has covered Canadian Geographic stories ranging from Guatemalan migrant workers in Quebec to the seal hunt in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Assignments for Equinox, the Ottawa Citizen, CARE International and others have taken him to refugee camps, the jungle and conflict zones in Eritrea and Kosovo.


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He recalls his father telling him, “Ferlánder, go and clean that plantain plant because that plant is going to give you food in three months whereas that paint brush won’t.. The raft in which he had been paddling down cold waters of northern Canada flipped and Mansilla-Miranda was caught under until the drift allowed him to resurface.