180 Snacks. Crunch Bags

By: Mareblu Naturals  09-12-2011

The product that started it all. Our little squares of Mareblu Naturals clusters come in a variety of flavors and sizes. Our smaller bags are perfect for a quick mid-morning snack, as a healthy lunch-box sampler or maybe an energy booster on a long hike. Of course sometimes you’ll have to share your delicious snack. In a situation like this, you’ll want to go with our larger family size bags. With our broad selection, we’ve got you covered for every occasion.

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180 Snacks. Crunch Bars

After selling Mareblu Naturals in bags, we realized that sometimes you don’t want to go fishing through a bag to get that last little tasty morsel at the very bottom. You can buy individual bars, or go with a variety pack and try a little bit of several flavors. That’s why we created our line of Mareblu Bars.


180 Snacks. Variety Packs

Sometimes you just want some lightly sweetened almonds, and sometimes a little chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth. It's this kind of conundrum that led to the creation of our Mareblu Variety Packs. It's your chance to get some of your favorite flavors and also try something new. Sometimes you want something loaded with fruits. Choosing your favorite Mareblu naturals snack..


180 Snacks. Dry Roasted Nuts

Through lots of research (and tasting!) we have assembled a selection of some of the finest dry roasted nuts available and now we are making them available to you. It’s really just common sense: Use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available and your products will taste good and be healthier. Select a few bags of our ingredients and see why Mareblu recipes turn out so tasty.