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By: Maravedis  09-12-2011
Keywords: Swot Analysis, Base Stations

4GgearTM is an ongoing research and analysis service focusing on technology and business trends among the leading 4G equipment vendors, including LTE, WiMAX and select proprietary systems.

Our full service delivers quarterly comprehensive reports, equipment vendor spreadsheets, webinars presenting key findings, and offers personalized analyst support

4GgearTM covers chipsets, devices, base stations and gateways and includes:

  • Vendor SWOT Analysis - Deployments & Trials
  • Vendor Profiles Equipment - Market Size
  • Vendor Matrix - R&D Analysis and Estimates
  • Vendor Shipments - BOM and ASP Analysis
  • Vendor Roadmap Equipment - Market Size Forecasts
  • Vendor Market Shares - Gross Margin Estimates
  • ODM Vendors
  • Amongst other information..

What are the deliverables?

Quarterly Written Reports 

Quarterly Equipment Vendor Spreadsheets

Quarterly Webinars Presenting Key Findings

Analyst Support

Innovative service that works for you

4GgearTM is the only equipment analysis service that benefits from the demand analysis cross match from our leading 4GCountsTM operator deployment tracking service. In other words, manufacturers' data and trends are matched to operators' real-life deployments for added value analysis.

RELIABLE: A dedicated team working directly with equipment vendors to understand the technology and vendor trends and challenge their claims.

COMPREHENSIVE: 4GgearTM is the industry's most comprehensive equipment analysis service with special focus in each quarter combining tear downs with market analysis.

PRACTICAL: The quantitative hard data is delivered in user-friendly Excel(.xls) files with the information and the level of granularity you expect. The analysis is delivered in executive style written reports.

TIMELY: Updated quarterly, 4Ggear provides the most up-to-date information on this fast paced industry.

Why choose 4GgearTM?

It is the ONLY service tracking the supply side in light of demand by cross checking the data. You gain an unrivalled understanding of the technology from base band to the core network, combining device tear downs with business analysis.

You benefit from Maravedis decade of experience working with equipment vendors & analyzing broadband wireless equipment trends.

2010 Roadmap


Keywords: Base Stations, Swot Analysis

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