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By: Maple Lake Ontario  09-12-2011
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The TooNice Reggae Band performs tonight at the Wild Moose in Haliburton Ontario

Photo courtesy of the Alliston Herald

TooNice Reggae Band
September 2 2011

Influenced by Jamaica, Barbados, Southern California and the Canadian Shield, TooNice has created the sound of Central Ontario! Four members with diverse musical backgrounds have created the nattiest reggae sound around. Go wake the town!

Wild Moose Public House

1741 Wigamog Road Haliburton
Contact: Monica Horning

Oh hells, yeah!

We are so there!

Friday is really the last day for us here at Maple Lake to kick back and have fun before we must start packing and closing up the cottage for the winter so why not  have a last blast before we go?

The weather should be awesome during the day–so sun and fun it shall be–maybe grab a few photos and take a swim, perhaps a canoe ride. Then chill a bit and head out in the evening to check out this band! Hope to see you there!

lly  our last day here at Maple Lake as Saturday will b

August 27 2011 Maple Lake Ontario Canada Sunset

Obi - swam out and jumped on the raft and then.. what?

The clouds are part of my favourite thing about Maple Lake..I'm aware that I'm supposed to worship sunny days but some clouds make for a prettier picture!

'Giant Water Bowl'

More to come!

The winter gave the stone shore wall a good bashing

My spouse and son are at Maple Lake–without me (!) ( It is a bit of a long story involving too much ‘stuff’ including the dogs,and work being switched up for both my spouse and me this year).

Anyway, the guys made the long trek in great time!– 12 hours or less and they went easy on account of taking the old Malibu. They sent these shots and as you can see it Maple Lake, Ontario, CANADA looks awesome!

Personal note:  However, I would love to put siding on the rest of the cottage! Will be happy to do it but need Dad to supply the material! (We’ll see if he reads this.)

We have special folks/lifelong friends coming up for my mother’s remembrance service at the end of August. Roger and I could get the siding done the week prior.


Maple Lake Ontario - beachfront July 27, 2011 That tall fellow is my son.

How the cottage looked on Day 1 ( July 25, 2011)

Spouse in fornt of our cottage, looking darn good for an 'old guy' LOL :kisses:

Shots captured by me at dawn on Monday 6.06.11 via webcam found on
Southern Ontario Awakens 6.06.11 SUNRISE PHOTOS

Kincardine Channel Sunset, Penetangore River to Lake Huron

Hi again,

This will be the last time for some weeks that I put together the forecast from a 700 mile distance from Maple Lake. Next week I’ll be quite happy to forecast from the Haliburton Highlands.

Monday I’ll set out for a few weeks of cottage time. I don’t think I need to tell anyone that the hot and humid suburban summertime conditions are no picnic and the Lake will be a welcome change. So what will the weather be like?

Short Term Forecast Maple Lake and Haliburton Highlands

Overnight on Saturday expect some isolated showers and a low temperature of 63°F.

Waking up on Sunday look for isolated showers to continue and a temperature of 64°F. As the day goes on however you’ll see cloudy periods and can expect a high temperature of 75°F.  There could be 0.1 inch of rain accumulation in this 24-hour period. Sunday afternoon expect cloudy periods and a high of 75°F. Sunday evening, sunny skies and 72°F.

Overnight Sunday expect the temperatures to drop to 55°F and it will be clear.

Haliburton Highlands long term Weather

Monday, expect sunny skies and a high  of 77°F. The low overnight is forecast to again be 55°F.

Tuesday will be mainly sunny and 79°F with the third-in-a-row cool nighttime low of 55°F. Perfect sleeping weather.

There is no precipitation in the forecast for Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, expect variable cloudiness a high of 79°F–which will feel like 91°F– and an overnight low of 63°F.

There could be up to a quarter-inch of precipitation accumulation.

Thursday expect isolated showers and a high of 73°F. The low temperature overnight on Thursday is expected to be 61°F and there may be up to one-tenth of one inch rainfall.

Friday, July 30, expect cloudy periods and a high of 73°F. The overnight low  will be 61°F. There is no rain in the forecast.

Saturday, July 31st is expected to be mainly sunny day with a high of 73°F, and overnight low of 59°F and again,

no precipitation in the forecast.

Have a great week! Bug report and webcam pics follow!

Bug Report July 24- July 29

Happy Holiday Weekend to both Canada and the U.S.!

I haven’t checked elsewhere but both Maple Lake, Ontario and where I am (23 miles northwest of Chicago) are having very nice holiday weekend weather compared to last year. That makes me hopeful that Maple Lake especially will have a good summer weather-wise which of course effects lots of other aspects of life, too.

On with what to expect in the next week from  the weather and the bugs:

July 1 Holiday Weekend Weather

Chances are if you look outside or are outside right now you’d see a lovely sight–perfect holiday weather at Sunny and 75°F. It will be be clear overnight with a low of 61°F. Seems like summer is here. Yay!

Sunday morning will be sunny and 66 °F, rising to 82°F by Sunday afternoon with a sunny high of 82°F.

Sunday evening will be clear and 77°F and Sunday overnight will be mainly clear with a low of 68°F.

Looks like Deer and Horse flies are going to be most pesky. Your mileage may vary.

Scroll below for More photos from the southern Ontario area today July 3. 2010– including cottage country!

Happy week!

The weekend weather forecast for the Haliburton Highlands is the best so far this summer!

It’s truly gorgeous–sunny, clear, humidity is tolerable. And it’s going to be nice on Sunday, too! Can you believe it? I need to pinch myself ‘cos it’s been so long since Maple Lake has had an entire weekend that was this nice.

My weekender neighbours are quite fortunate since they just need to pack an overnight bag and in a snap they can be in paradise. Not quite as fortunate are folks like my immediate family who left today to return to the States.

Turning quite serious, folks, we are all on the same page on global warming now, right? We acknowledge it; it is happening right now. We have used and abused our poor planet and it does not have to be reflected as “warming” in certain spots. Here in the Haliburton Highlands, it’s been really cold and wet until this week. Pay attention to the excessive precipitation, especially.

Maple Lake, to be frank, has given me an eye infection simply by using lake water to wash my face. I know this because I wear goggles in the lake as I am unable to see without my contact lenses. The waters of Maple Lake have spewed up all kinds of garbage this summer–literally all kinds of plastic, coke cans. I’ve not ever seen it like this and it makes me really sad.

I’m sure I’m not the first but I feel that the year-rounders, the permanent residents should move forward to protect the lakes of Haliburton County. Obviously, we cannot change how Mother Nature is behaving right now but we can change human behaviour. Impose restrictions to protect our lakes and all nature that depend on the ecosystem, as people haven’t shown willingness to “reign it in” on their own.

First, I would like to see the obvious pollutants removed from the Lake. I would like to see a ban on motorboats that leak gasoline into the lakes and nearly drown swimmers like me with their huge waves (not kidding– HUGE waves).

Truly, I hate the noise too, but it’s the pollution that is sickening me. The boats are getting more powerful, ridiculously fast, and burning petrol at a time when I thought we were supposed to be practicing conservation. Our lakes are what make this area the paradise that it is. And we are doing our damnedest to destroy paradise.

Please, Haliburton Highland year-rounders, restrict the use of motorboats to the weekend and otherwise allow all the the other nonpolluting boats free and unfettered any time. The beautiful sailboats, the rowboats, canoes, paddleboats—all of them wind/man-powered and not harmful to our dying lakes.

If we don’t start reigning in our excesses and our abuse of the lakes of Cottage Country there is no doubt in my mind that we shall lose them. Nothing would be sadder if our unquenchable need for “things” and need to have the biggest, fastest motorboats and personal motorized vehicles hastened the death of our lakes–leaving nothing left for anyone.

I can only hope that the fine people that live year-round on Maple Lake and in the Maple Lake area take action this winter and next summer to deal with the craziness that breaks out every weekend here with ridiculous amount of polluting watercraft on what was what was once a clean lake. It’s not just here but throughout Cottage Country.

Also, as related to a lesser pollution, what the heck is with the unrestricted use of fireworks on Maple Lake every single weekend? Hey, I LOVE fireworks. They can be really special–but every weekend?! WTH? My poor dog is terrified. She shakes and glues herself to her people.

Ban fireworks on Maple Lake except for Canada Day, period. Stop the insanity, please.

/end preachy rant

Here’s the rest of the weather. If you can, stay up an extra day as Monday will still be beautiful:

As for the bugs, it has warmed up, they like warm, there are lots of them. Stay in the lake and otherwise slather on your insect repellent of choice.

Have a great week!

July 28, 2009 Between Storms

Haliburton Issued at 8:16 PM EDT TUESDAY 28 JULY 2009

Update – midnight: Ever since this warning was issued and since I’ve battened down the hatches, there have been no severe storms. It’s a really big county laden with lakes. Small as they are (compared to the Great Lake I’m use to –Lake Michigan) they do influence how storms patterns play out  so someone may have borne the brunt. Hopefully not.

The warning that went out just minutes before the one below mentioned tornadoes which being in this lakeside little wood structure gave me a bit of unease.

In good news, after tomorrow my family will have rejoined me and the weather is getting better–less wet, a bit warmer though it hasn’t felt cold to me, not even in the morning. Maybe because I sleep very late? Seems to make sense to me.

I’d like to get a set of sunrise photos which I can usually snag on the way in but we got here too early. Maybe I shall try for when I next come up which will be Labour Day or possibly something will shake out in the next 3-4 weeks.
Here’s today’s attempt at getting a photo with the new camera. I believe I had the correct settings this time. It was taken between storms though it was just starting up again and I dashed back in to save my precious from any raindrops. Lake level dropped. We have beach now!


We are  now here on Maple Lake. Arrived early today after a 12-hour drive which was uneventful save for heavy thunderstorms after we turned north on Hwy. 400 on the second-to-last leg of the journey. We lost an hour (I know. Usually people say “gained” but in my mind an hour goes *poof* driving in the U.S. from west to east,–so it is lost)  so after leaving the Chicago area at 3 p.m. Sunday we arrived here about 4 a.m -4:30 a.m. I would have been OK driving more but maneuvering the thunderstorms combined with the under-construction roads in various places made me thrashed so I instead clung for dear life as spouse navigated the last leg of our journey–the most “twisty and turniest”–on Hwy. 118 to Carnarvon. The roads were slick and though I’m well aware that we have a sports car (hence the two trips) Mustang GT’s are not known for their performance on slick, curving roads.

After a few hours spouse got up (he says by mistaking the time for 11:30 instead of 9 a.m. He was looking at an un-programmed clock. He had a nap later) and out but I tried to sleep. The day as predicted, was cool and rainy. By early evening though, the lake calmed down and it looked like we could’ve had a beautiful day (only it wasn’t). Tomorrow sounds like a repeat of today only in inverse with the a.m. nice and showers and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening. Spouse must retrieve both our son and our dog and then we’ll all be together for the  better part of 3 weeks. It’ll be the split trip going home again with me staying behind  to go on the second trip back, so I’ll probably end up with  close to four weeks here. I’m not complaining. Here are photos of our Maple Lake View from this evening. Trying settings on new camera. Pretty sure they are not “right” yet. It’s a 12X tele wide angle many pixeled model, priced more than my last point and shoot but less than my now-antique SLR. It’s all lens and screen–very small housing–which I like. Hope to get to know it well in the next month (and beyond).

One last thing: There are bats as in “bats” in a closed-off stove pipe (they passed an anti-fire law and we had to remove an antique wood burning stove) that is open-ended outside. and begins in the very centre of the cooking area in the kitchen. They are really loud and not-pleasant-sounding. Probably feel the same about me. Ha!

Lake Muscoka, July 15, 2009

It’s difficult to put into words the feelings one has when about to embark on a trip that will keep them from home for the better part of a month. I have a to-do list in my head which I really should transfer to text–if I could find the time.

Last year I burnt up quite a bit of time at the Lake by working. Cottage County installed the base station for internet at (on, actually) our cottage so even though I swore I’d take a week off from work, I never did.

This year is decidedly different in that work has changed considerably. I’m doing more work independently but with that comes more juggling of  saying “stop!” to it for  the duration. As much as Canada doesn’t seem like a foreign country as far as mail service it is. Certainly in terms of internet access to a number of United States-based websites it is. Both these restrictions may prove either incentives to work less or work more.

Trying to find a workaround for them could consume large chunks of time and may ultimately prove fruitless. If I just say “no” to work completely then I won’t have to fret about getting access to the websites which provides a good deal of substance which I transform into content (I create content for put simply, things I like). I suppose it would be smart to find out just “how ” restrictive using the Canadian internet will be . (Is there such a thing? It’s probably using the Internet in Canada, right?). I hear so much about China and North Korea and other countries being crazy restrictive. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

I can keep my freelancing gigs to a point but there’s also a point where I’m defeating the purpose of vacation. Ten days to go and I’m juggling so much that I’m not even worried about the weather.

Guess it just proves  that old saying about everything being relative. I do hope we get some good weather though. I’ve been watching the forecast for Maple Lake and right now, I see the first couple days of vacation ( should I say “holiday”?) look good temperature-wise though there is rain one day. The upside of regular rain is less fire hazard (though one must always be cautious–we are in the woods after all). The downside besides literally putting a damper on things is the bugs! My cure for too many bugs generally has been to stay in the Lake but not in the rain. See? Fret. Fret. Fret. Always wanted to be a Type “B” personality–never got there.

And where are all the people on Maple Lake who were supposed to sign up for Internet so our fee could go down? Don’t you know you can get television, too? No separate service, simply be slightly savvy and you can find your programs through the Internet and since it’s high-speed and since if you live on the Lake you cannot be far from us–the base station–your reception should be good. What are you waiting for? I’ll come over and show you the ropes as I’ve already –with son and spouse– gone through it. I’m seriously concerned that if people don’t sign up I’ll lose my service because I cannot see paying for 12 mos. of service and using it for barely one month. OK. I’d say I’ve fulfilled my fretting requirement for one day. Have a good one!

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