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By: Maple Lake Ontario  09-12-2011

Accessories archive | Maple Lake Ontario

I'm the kind of person that doesn't even like to venture out in the the wilds of the suburban jungle without a way to communicate with civilization as I've grown accustomed to being able to reach people using my smartphone when I need to–and them me, no matter where we are.

As much as a trip out into the true wild sounds appealing and that most people do so without serious incident, I feel strongly that you flirt with danger unnecessarily without being adequately prepared to communicate with the "outside world," a/k/a civilization, if you need to.

As even the most avid outdoors people will acknowledge, anyone can find themselves in trouble in the great outdoors–and it can happen very quickly–even with the best laid plans. Let's face it, part of the reason outdoor adventurers love what they do is the adventure that comes with unpredictability of getting away from it all.

Gift-giving season will soon be upon us bringing the perfect opportunity to meet halfway with the outdoor adventurer in your family who likes to go as they say, "off the grid."

You can now let them have their outdoor adventure and you can keep your sanity too, knowing that if your camping, hiking, all-'round outdoor adventurer should need to do so they'll have access to a vital line of communication with friends and family–when they want it– or a link to emergency assistance when they need it.

Right now, for the holiday season, if you buy the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger you receive a very cool 'bonus' adventure kit valued at $50. The adventure kit includes a coupon for 15% off Basic Service, a flotation case for SPOT, a micro LED flashlight, safety tips bandanna with very good outdoor tips –very practical! You also get a lanyard for your SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, a safety whistle and a carabineer key chain!

They say that you can't buy peace of mind. I have to disagree that with the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, you can buy the peace of mind of knowing that your adventurous loved one can get as wild as they want to be while still being just a touch away from communicating with you back in the cozy confines of the suburban jungle.

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