Consulting Services For Small Businesses

By: Many Good Ideas  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, marketing strategy

Whether you have a B2B (Business-To-Business) or B2C (Business-To-Consumer) company, the common issues my small business clients (1-15 employees and yearly revenue under $1M) get help with include:

  • How Can I Get New/More/Better Clients?
  • How Can I Stand Out In Crowded Market Place?
  • When Can I Take A Vacation?
  • How Can I Position Myself As An Expert?
  • How Can I Network Better?
  • How Can I Stay Motivated?
  • How Can I Get More Help For My Business?

If you don’t already have a marketing strategy, I strongly suggest you create one. The strategy is your touchstone, helping you to remember: who you’re targeting, your competition, your unique value proposition, and why people should trust you.

Using your marketing strategy, I creatively help to solve your problems, offering solutions that fit your marketplace, values, and resources. I can even manage a team of experts to help you implement your marketing plans.

I can help with small tasks such as: reviewing your marketing materials (including flyers, website, business cards, and letters to prospects), identifying key partners for you to work with, and innovating new products/services for you to offer.

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Keywords: Marketing, marketing strategy

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Consulting Services For Non-Profit Organizations

I help non-profits operate like for-profit businesses, offering real products and services that can make them self-sustaining. Like for-profit businesses, if your non-profit doesn’t already have a marketing strategy, I strongly suggest you create one. Non-profits tend to grow organically, but successful non-profits don’t just “happen” – they’re planned for success.


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