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By: Manotick Centre  09-12-2011
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Solid Surface is a man made material composed of acrylic or polyester resins with stone chips and colour pigments.  It is non-porous which protects it from bacteria setting in.  It is stain resistant, repairable, has inconspicuous seams and can be re-finished.  It is thermoformable and can be shaped into any design.  Integrated undermount sinks protect from water damage. It can be used in all types of countertops, shower enclosures, and cabinet doors.  It is UV resistant and can be used for exterior purposes. Solid Surface comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

A very hard, granular, crystalline, intrusive natural igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar and often used as a building stone. Due to its durability and heat resistance it is a very popular product for countertops.  It has diversity in both patterns and colours; it has depth and natural beauty.  Granite is a porous stone, which must be sealed on occasion to protect it from stains and bacteria.  It has visible seams and there is no warranty.

Quartz countertops are manufactured with 93% natural quartz and polymer resins. It is the second most abundant mineral on earth as well as one of the hardest.  It does not have the natural veins such as granite, which makes it more durable as a countertop surface, offering the consumer a 10-year warranty.  It is UV resistant and suitable for exterior uses. It is stain resistant, scratch resistant, non-porous, no sealing or polishing required, which makes it a low maintenance product.

HPL High Pressure Laminate is produced by layering Kraft paper, decorative paper and phenolic resin compressed under high pressure at 1200 psi and heat in excess of 135 degrees Celsius.  Today the industry has improved the manufacturing process of laminate; it has advanced in its production techniques to make it more durable and longer lasting. Laminate is available in several grades & textures and in thousands of colours. Key features: postformable, general purpose, chemical resistant, fire retardant and solid phenolic core. Superior abrasion & scuff resistance due to particles of aluminum oxide and other metallic particles applied on the surface sheet.  Laminate is applied on a particle core, plywood or MDF substraight, for both residential & commercial uses.

Custom laminate countertops are manufactured with a wood or solid surface edge treatment. Available in some cases without seams, limited to 60” x 144” dimensions.  We design and manufacture our own seals for most undermount sinks, which can be integrated into the countertop.

One of the worlds fastest-growing natural resources.  It is renewable, Green, Eco friendly, harder than maple, warm to the touch and can be sanded and repaired to bring it to its original state.  Bamboo can be used to produce countertops, cabinets, wall paneling, flooring and furniture.

Keywords: countertops, Laminate

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