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By: Manor Homes  09-12-2011
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Community Service

Manor Homes supports Living Hope for Children

Currently, there are over 175 orphans housed in a small, inadequate rented facility with very little room. The director of this facility, Dr. K. – a Christian pastor and medical doctor – serves the needs of the children who otherwise could never receive life-saving medical treatments.

The very grateful Dr. K has been working with members of Living Hope for the past two years, organizing events such as baptisms and crusades, where people have the opportunity to convert from Buddhism or Hindu into Christianity.  Just after Easter of this year, Pastor John Bishop spoke via cell phone with Dr. K (and through interpretation) to over 2,600 people.  Over 450 people stood to receive Christ when the opportunity was presented!  Recently, Pastor Bruce Avery also spoke to 1,200 people via phone and another 79 people accepted Christ as their savior.  Dr. Kumar and his staff are continuing to work with the people of India Living Hope Church to provide the truth of Christian values and to help equip children in the orphanages with life skills which will allow them to become leaders of their generation.

Manor Home’s owner Randy Questad helps start orphanage

Little Lambs International (LLI), is an organization focused on caring for and educating abandoned and abused children throughout the world. LLI was founded in January 2006 by Randy Questad, Alvar Helmes, and Ryan Ruotsala.

History: In November of 2005 the need for an orphanage was realized after Dr. Syam Kumar (who works with the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America) expressed his concern to Alvar for the orphans in his area and in the churches he works with. The Dr. said that there were over 300 orphans in the churches in and around Rajahmundry, India, and most of them had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. He said that they were currently sleeping on the concrete floors in the churches, with the pastor’s giving them what little food and clothes they could afford. Alvar then contacted Randy and Ryan, asking if they could be in charge of founding it, and doing the fundraising for it. Both readily agreed, and after a month of planning and fundraising, we went there in January 2006 to open the orphanage!

Keywords: Manor Homes