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By: Manitoba Motocross  09-12-2011

MMA Rider Development Clinics are an excellent opportunity for riders to get group lessons on going fast and riding smart, as well as gaining some experience at the various race tracks on the MMA circuit. The main emphasis of these clinics is to learn the basic techniques of riding that will allow you to feel more comfortable, go faster and have more fun on the bike. We won’t exactly teach you how to do the Bubba scrub, but we will teach you the same basic techniques that he used when he first started racing.

A typical day at a MMA Rider Development Clinic

Sign In- 9am

Riders Meeting- 10am

Topics covered include explaining the order of the day, going over safety procedures, as well as introducing the coaching staff. Most instructors are MMA pro racers who are as friendly as they are knowledgeable.


Practice sessions are broken down into bike sizes to eliminate the hazard of having mini sized bikes out there with the full sized bikes.


Riders meet in the pits again to break into groups for the day’s instruction. Riders are broken into groups of approximately 10 to 15 people of similar skill level. Each group is given their own personal instructor for the day. Once the groups are made up, the track is broken down into sections and each group gets one section all to themselves. The day is spent rotating throughout the various sections of the track so that everyone has a chance to learn every obstacle on the track.
Some of the topics covered include proper body positioning and use of the controls, as well as techniques on how to handle things such as corners, starts, whoops, jumps, braking and acceleration.

Lunch Break

There is a lunch break halfway through the day so don’t forget to pack a cooler.

Teaching- Ends at 3pm

Fun Races- Ends at 4pm

If you haven’t had enough riding you can take part in the fun race. Each group gets a chance to test the skills they have learned and ride the whole track in a race against the other members of their group. There is no prize for first place, except for bragging rights of course! The day is brought to a close at 4pm.

****As with all MMA functions, safety is a high priority at MMA Rider Development Clinics. The Moto-Medic Safety Team is on hand at every clinic to ensure the safety of all riders and to handle any bumps and scratches. The professionalism of both the Medic team and the coaching staff ensures that all will have a safe and fun time. If you are looking for a way to improve your riding skills, look no further. MMA Rider Development Clinics teach you the skills needed to ride faster and safer, and build rider confidence in the process. See you there!****


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Remember this club is run ENTIRELY by volunteers….so you can’t complain if you don’t show up to vote, voice or volunteer. Even if you have never been to an AGM before, don’t know the process…or too many people….come on out and make it a date. This is where the membership is encouraged to attend, to voice concerns regarding anything to do with the club. We would especially like to see some representation from/for some of the 50-85cc riders!.


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September 24 Gimli, MB – Northern Lites Raceway. May 29 Altona, MB – Moto Park X. MB – Shadow Valley Raceway. MB – Prairie Hill MX Track.


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Pilot Jetting – for up to 1/4 throttle positionNeedle Jetting – 1/4> 3/4 throttle positionMain Jetting – 3/4> full throttle. To alter the amount of fuel, you can either increase or decrease the orifice (the hole in the jet). These jets allow a fixed amount of fuel, the needle allowing an “operating band” of fuel metering. To allow more fuel flow or richen up the bottom end, the fuel screw is turned counter-clockwise.