MRS – Paperless Workflows

By: Mammography Reporting System  09-12-2011
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MRS – Paperless Workflows

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MRS Quest Touch
A paperless workflow using MRS Quest Touch is the greenest, fastest, most accurate and most cost effective way to record and track patient and procedure information. Our flexible paperless system, combined with our reliable MRS tracking and reporting system, makes the entire patient information collection process paperless, saving your facility valuable time and money.

  • Patients find their past history already populated in the questionnaire, eliminating the need for them to answer the same questions year after year.
  • MRS Quest Touch is fully HIPAA compliant and requires patients to input personal information to verify their identity.
  • 12 foreign language packs available to capture data from your non-English speaking patients.
  • The patient’s new or updated information transfers immediately back to the MRS database and their patient record, removing the need for manual data entry from a worksheet.
  • Easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate user interface

The average U.S. office worker prints 10,000 pages per year. 10,000 pages are equivalent to 1.2 trees [forty feet in height and 6-8 inches in diameter]. (sources from EPA & Conservatree)

US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 400 million ink and 100 million toner cartridges end up in landfills each year (sources from EPA)

Keywords: Data Entry, Questionnaire

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MRS – Scheduling

Every item in your practice will not only be part of the matrix to assure that the available resources are always available for every procedure, but MRS SMaRT™ also tracks those resources, letting administrators know the rate each resource is being used and for which procedures, making expense tracking virtually effortless.


MRS – Worksheet Printing

This saves your facility from having to update the patients record every time they visit, and it gives your patients the convenience of not having to repetitively fill out paperwork every time they come for an exam. Once the patient has had their information entered into MRS for the first time, each subsequent visit they only need to review the existing information and update any changes.


MRS – Systems

Effectiveness Eliminates duplication of data entry through integrations with your facilities’ RIS/HIS/EMR systems as well as integrations with your digital reading stations, allowing you to immediately view patient exam and history information along with the patient’s images. Whether you are a small volume hospital looking to track MQSA statistics, or a multi-site, high volume breast center, MRS will be able to meet your facilities needs.


MRS – Products

MRS fulfills your desire to seamlessly integrate a best-of-breed reporting and tracking system into your workflow, whatever it is, and ensure the efficiency and effectiveness your facility needs. The patient information from last year automatically prints on the worksheet so the patient needs only verify that nothing has changed.