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By: Mama Goddess  09-12-2011
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Aquaborn Waterbirth Pool -LARGE- with Lid + Liner - Home birth supplies, kits, herbs, Organic teas, midwifery supplies, gift ideas, water birth, breastfeeding supplies and more. Mama Goddess Birth Shop

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Because we are all about options in birth we decided to bring in another waterbirth pool option that we feel really good about.

The Aquaborn Pools are amazing, being the deepest pool on the market! The disposable pool liner is included, making clean up hassle-free, allowing you to be able to use the pool later. A lid is also included, keeping the water warm even while mama steps out so she can revisit the comforting water anytime she wants to. We have heard of families using the pool as kiddie pools, play pens, etc! It is durable and supporters can sit on the edge of the pool without disturbing mama, making supporting her easier and better. 

These pools are the highest quality inflatables available on the market and made from strong, durable eco-vinyl. 6 handles give more position choices than ever before, and a white non-slip bottom ensures optimum safety and visibility.
Please note: A heat retaining lid and pool liner is included with each pool.
The pool, lid, and liners are all pthalate free.

Recommended by Waterbirth International & Barbara Harper!

Pool Specifications:

Material Thickness 0.42mm

External Dimensions 72″ × 64″ × 31″

Internal Dimensions 52″ × 44″

Interior Depth 27"

Inflated Floor Thickness 3.3"

Floor White, anti-slip

Handles 6

Number of Persons Two

Approx. Inflation Time 6 min

Approx. Filling Time 45 min

Volume when filled 170 gallon



Designed by People who know
The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has been designed with needs of the expectant mother, baby and midwife in mind. It’s the strongest inflatable birth pool available for home use.

The Eco Birth Pool is ideal for anyone wanting to purchase a birth pool for labor and/or birth. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a super strong, comfortable, ergonomically designed pool.

A Little Deeper!
To achieve bouyancy in water and allow easy movement between positions, 21" of water depth is required. We know you will want to move around and assume positions which bring your body out of the water. To aid this we have made the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool a little deeper so that your waist can stay in the water even when you want to lean over the pool. This is perfect for a birth position where it is important to keep your pelvis in the water.

The six handles provide assistance in ALL birth Positions
The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has six handles that are optimally placed to assist in all birth positons. The two on top allow backward leaning, squatting and pushing positions while allowing the midwife to get closer to the expectant mother if needed. The two on the sides provide assistance in forward leaning and bracing. The two internal handles provide assistance in moving from one position to another, reclining and forward leaning.

The vertical anti-deflate beams
The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has unique beams that will deflate very slowly and equally, in the unlikely event of a puncture. This gives the mother plenty of time to exit the pool safely and the water to be removed before any spillage occurs.

The top deflation ring
The top ring is inflated and deflated in seconds to allow easier access to the pool if required.

Eco, Calm and Green
The pool is made from environmentally friendly eco vinyl which is safe for everyone, even when heated. It’s comfortable and no extra padding is required. The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool provides the perfect calm and safe environment to help you through your labor and birth. Being calm is an important part of helping your labor progress more quickly.

The Strongest Inflatable Birth Pool.
We have tested some other brands of inflatable birth pools for strength, resilience and functional use, and the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool wins hands down. The walls are strong enough to support both you and your partner, and the the unique placement of handles and extra comfort means this is the most diverse pool available for water birth.

Fast Inflating, Fast Filling!
The pool can be inflated in just 6 minutes with A/C inflator. Filling the pool with water will of course depend on you water pressure and availability of hot water. It takes on average 35 – 45 mins to fill the pool.

Tried and Tested!
The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has had excellent feedback from midwives and the people that have used it.

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